A present out of this world – Under Lucky Stars Star Maps

At some point you will be looking for a gift for the person who has everything. Thankfully Under Lucky Stars has got our backs.


Under Lucky Stars   is an online store that creates personalised and bespoke star maps. They use the location, date and time of a special moment in your life and find how the sky and stars looked at that moment. It’s a beautiful way to remember a timeless moment whether that is a birth, marriage or maybe an engagement. Under Lucky Stars use an algorithm and a star catalogue from Yale University  that contains information of around 10,000 stars to create an exact sky from your memorable moment.


The maps are printed on high quality paper and can be framed as an added option. Available in a variety of colour options as well as sizes (18 X 24 inches or 24 X 36 inches), these prints would make the perfect gift for anything from Valentines Day to Christmas. As the sky will never look the same twice it is possible to get more than one for any occasion, the sky on the day your child was born will be different on the day you got married.

Jonny and I have a print in Blue and White with the White frame in the 24 X 36 inches size. The frame is very good quality and the print itself is framed perfectly.  Delivery was good and it came by courier and was also very well packaged so it was protected in transit. Our memorable moment is when we got married and we are hoping to hang it in our bedroom. Due to its size it is ideal for above a bed, sofa or on a chimney breast to really make a statement in a room.

You can create your very own sky map print over on the Under Lucky Stars website.


*Disclaimer – We were sent a print and frame from Under Lucky Stars in exchange for a review*

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