A step in the right direction with Vionic shoes

Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes can change your life

Vionic shoes were first developed by Phillip Vasyli, a renowned podiatrist. His mission was to be a innovator in biomechanics. He wanted to create orthotic treatment that was  more affordable and accessible to people who needed relief from pain.

Vionic shoes have a stylish range of footwear from sandals to boots. Something for every occasion and season. Their sandals of which studies have shown alleviate heel pain. Vionic helps natural alignment and provide much needed support for your feet. But don’t let their science fool you, they are fashionable, fun and timeless. Vionic have shoes for both men and woman and are perfect for all ages.

I have the Midi in colour champagne. I picked these because of the fun and standout colour. They are made from leather and the outsole is made from a durable rubber. Inside the shoe is the orthotic support and a comfortable insole. The colour of these shoes really does make them extra special but they could go with any outfit. If you didn’t want to go for a bright metallic there is wide variety of colours and textures as well as a pair that is floral. These shoes are classic design with an edgey twist.

Midi – £100

The technology in these shoes is like no other. The shoes hug your natural foot arch meaning you get a the very best and most comfortable experience when walking. Their FMT technology provides natural alignment for your feet that helps relive any aches and pains.

Style. It doesn’t have to hurt.

Vionic shoes – http://www.vionicshoes.co.uk


*Disclaimer – I was kindly sent Vionic shoes in exchange for a review*

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