Decorating The House & Affording It!

Your home should tell a story of who you are and a collection of what you love all under one roof.

I am one of those people who have photos saved in an album on my phone ready for when I am looking for house decor inspiration. My ideas change occasionally so my collections of photos just keep growing and growing. I have never got the hang of websites such as Pinterest, I think I need to invest more time in it though as it is a great idea to have a everything in one place. Other great places to look for inspo are catalogues, magazines and Instagram.

At the moment I am looking to redecorate our living room, so far I am sure on one thing. The colour palatte; White, Navy, Light blue, Light grey and Dark grey. I am still researching in to what kind of style and layout of the room I am looking for. A living room is the heart of the house, it is where everyone sits, relaxes and catches up on how their day has been. I want my new living room to be a light and airy space but at the same time still feel quite cosy. In one part of the room I am looking at getting a table/desk. I have thought about having a separate office space in the house but I don’t like the idea of being separated completely from everyone else. After the living room is finished the next rooms are the girls bedrooms. I haven’t even began to get inspiration on how I want to have their rooms but as soon as I am done with the living room I will be having a look online.

I have seen some amazing mood boards for house decor online and it is a great idea to make a mood board whether it is on a computer or actually in front of you in real life. Mood boards are a very personally thing as it is everything you love and exactly how you would love to decorate your house to make it a home. When decorating your home there is obviously a few things to consider. It is suitable for the size of the space?, it is suitable for you and your family?, It is safe for your children or if you have children? and is how you would like your house a phase?

Decorating a whole hours or even just one room is huge investment in both financial and your personal time so it is important that you take the time to really think about it.

The next big obstacle is affording to decorate. With decorating being such a big investment, it is important that you understand budget. I am the type of person that buys bit by bit and as and when so I am not buying a lot all in one go. Some people save up and buy everything in one go or another option is you could research quick loans. So that you have the money to redecorate whenever you feel ready. Whatever option you choose it is important that is it suitable and manageable for you and your family.

And remember to have fun when decorating and designing your own space!


*This post is in collaboration and sponsored by CashLady*

7 thoughts on “Decorating The House & Affording It!

  1. I’m currently waiting to be able to move into a new flat and I’ve been trying to sort bits and bobs out as and when too! I think it’s the easiest way to not need a huge chunk of money all in one go!! Great post! X

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