Organising My Changing Bag!

Going out with 2 young children? Organisation is key if you don’t want to go completely mad! Trust me!
I am also one of those people who hates to carry so much around if it isn’t necessary. To have everything I need for Elsa and Cleo is just brilliant, otherwise I look like I am going backpacking in some mountains every time I go out with both kids! It’s not a good look! Normally I have my handbag and the backpack for the girls and very occasionally I will have Elsa’s backpack if she has been a nursery.


A top tip is to be army-style 100% organised right down to the tiniest detail. I am currently using the Babymel Robyn Tweed backpack for both the girls. The Robyn backpack is a convertible bag meaning it has 4 ways for parents to wear. There’s as a shoulder/cross body bag, backpack, a grab bag using top handles or hang on your pushchair using the stroller straps. The bag can fit enough for both a baby and a toddler. The backpack has an exterior baby wipe pocket that makes it super easy to get hold of essential baby wipes in emergency situations. It has some much-needed features such as a big main opening on the top of the bag, lots of internal pockets, water-resistant external fabric and it also comes with a changing mat and a bottle insulator in the heart and dots wipe clean material that matches the inside of the bag. As a mummy of 2 girls, I could honestly be surrounded by everything pinky an girly colours. The Robyn bag in Tweed is completely the opposite. It is a very durable water resistant dark tweed, so it is great for both mummies and daddies.

Now to what I can fit in the backpack. So I can fit everything I need for both Elsa and Cleo in the bag, also a few little bits for me if I am not wanting to carry my handbag round with me as well.
For Elsa; pair of spare knickers, 6 pull ups, a pair of socks, 2 pairs of leggings and 2 spare tops.
For Cleo; 3 vests, 2 baby grows, leggings, top, socks, 8 nappies, nappy bags, 4 bibs and 2 spare dummies.
There is always 2 bottles, one for each of the girls. As well as a few snacks, nappy cream and if the weather is bad we will also carry hat scarf and gloves. If I am using the bag for myself as well I will carry my phone charger, purse and a few pieces of make up. The Robyn backpack is great for fitting all of this in and there is so much room! Due to the feature of having a selection of ways to wear you can try the best way to carry it depending on how much you are carrying and how heavy the bag is.

When we are out and about we also use the Babymel stroller organiser in Tweed on our buggy. It is so handy because it means that everything we need when we are out walking is within arms reach and we don’t have to reach for the bag so much and go searching in the bag. The stroller organiser also comes with a detachable zip pouch which can me used if you aren’t wanting to take out your purse or wallet. The organiser attaches to the buggy using non-slip Velcro straps, this gives the option for it to fit on a huge range of buggies. It is the perfect companion for the Robyn backpack!


*Disclaimer- We were sent products from Babymel but all opinions are my own*

2 thoughts on “Organising My Changing Bag!

  1. Finding a bag you’re happy to walk round with and can actually fit everything you need in too is so difficult isn’t it? This one looks fab! I’ve started using a smaller bag now Stanley is a tad older and doesn’t need much stuff any more – it was so hard to find a good changing bag when i had to have bottles and all sorts with me!!


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