James and the Birthday Balloon book review!

Every child loves a good story and as a parent I love to know that reading a story to my child will help with learning and development. When choosing a story to read I also look at what the story focuses on. I feel good knowing that I have picked a story that helps Elsa understand an important topic.

So when a copy of James and the Birthday balloon landed in our door step I was so happy! Elsa sees a lot of hospitals, she knows everything about Uncle Rory and she sees all the ins and outs when it comes to what happens inside the hospital doors. It is so important to us that Elsa and Cleo aren’t scared of anything medical. It makes it easier for us to sit them down and talk to them about Rory without the added worry of them wondering what a hospital is. That is where a book like James and the Birthday Balloon comes in handy.

The book, written by Nicola J. Rowley tells the story of a little boy called James who has a birthday party, at his party his best friend, Ruby, falls and hurt herself. Ruby has to go to hospital, with James’s help she over comes her fear. It is a beautiful story of friendship and how doing just one little thing can help someone in such a big way. Each book sold will help support Evelina London children’s hospital, they provide care and life saving treatment for children in south London and beyond.

Included in the book is also a free audio book read by TV doctor, Dr Ranj so not only can you read the story but your child can also listen to it aswell. As someone who has seen how hospitals work and also how scary hospitals can be for children, I think this book is brilliant. I think every GP surgery should have one and it should also be used in schools.

It’s such a heartwarming book that will help alot of families.


*Disclaimer – we were sent a copy of the book in exchange for a review

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