Nursery Room Nightmares Solved!

If you’re expecting, or if you’ve just had a little baby of your own, the one thing you’ll be trying to sort is the nursery.

Some people like to leave it until last minute, some leave it until a few weeks after the birth, and some do it a few months before! Whichever one you’re going to chose to do, you need to think of the nursery room disasters that you should be preparing for. They truly will be disasters when you have a screaming baby on your hands, and a nursery that isn’t even properly complete to put them in! So, here are some of the most common nursery room nightmares, and how you can easily solve them.

Last Minute Nightmares

If you’re leaving it until the very last minute, then you’re going to face the nightmare of not having anything actually in there. You might have got the decor sorted, but you won’t have stocked up on all the essentials that you’re actually going to need in there to care for a baby. For example, the first thing you should think about buying is a crib. Cuckoolands collection of Moses baskets and cribs is the perfect selection for you, you just need to find one that you like. They are mostly unisex, so you don’t have to worry about picking one of for a specific gender. The other things you need to think about is a changing table and mat, fully stocked with things like nappies, sudocream, wipes, a nappy bin etc. Everything you could think of that your baby is going to need in that room should be in there. Make sure it’s comfortable and relaxing as well, with maybe a nice comfy chair in the corner for you for when you have to do your comforting duties during the night.

Undecided Views

This is one thing that a lot of couples seem to struggle with. Conflicting views about what is going to look good in the nursery can become a nightmare as it can stop essential things being purchased. Most women would be glad that their partners actually had a viewpoint, but it can become annoying. To solve this, you should each agree to pick out a few items, and the other person just has to accept what they are. Have a colour scheme to follow, and allocate a list with items. It takes away any arguments, and actually adds a bit of fun into the whole process.

Wrong Gender Reveal!

We’ve saved the worst for last. So, you’ve had your 12 week scan, you’ve found out the gender is a baby girl. So you buy absolutely everything themed towards a girl. Pink and light colours, clothes etc. But on delivery day, out comes a little boy. All we can tell you to do is not to panic. You’ve still got a beautiful healthy baby, and a quick renovation of colours can be done a few weeks later when everyone is settled in. As for clothes, try and return as much as you can, or sell if you’ve took the labels off. Ask family and friends if they would mind contributing a few new things!

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*Disclaimer-This is a collaborative post*

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