Little life update! – April 2018

I’ve seen a few bloggers do these life updates, then it occurred to me that I have never done one.  I’ve written about my experiences and what we have done as a family but never really updated you on any aspect of my life in blog post form.

So what’s been happening…

I guess it’s hard to write an update on myself and how I’ve been feeling since Cleo was born. In regards to my PND and PTSD, I am still on my medication.  It seem to be working for me so at the moment I don’t really have a plan in place for when I start to come off it. I’ve learnt over the last few months that I have to take time out for myself and don’t let things get on top of me. Being a blogger can feel like you have to share everything and if you are a blogger who does this then carry on! You do you! I feel like my phone is in my hand all day every day and it can get a bit, well,  annoying.  Don’t get me wrong I love being a blogger but part of the job is to keep people interested. Not every day in my life is interesting and when I have a boring day I feel like I can’t share it.  Which then makes me feel like I’m failing at being a ‘good blogger ‘. On the bright side,  we have some great holidays and events coming up and some really exciting things happening.

Now for a family update.  Elsa is starting nursery full-time and is loving going to school. It’s amazing to see her grow in to such a independent and confident girl! Cleo is starting to be weaned and is now crawling,  we don’t have any sign of teeth yet but I don’t think it will be long.  They are both growing up so quickly and it feels like time goes by like a flash!

I am hoping to do an update like this one every couple of months,  more so that I have a little diary for myself to read again and again.



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