5 easy ways to boost your self esteem and confidence

Becoming a parent can be a bit of a shock to your system. You go from just caring for yourself to having a little one to also care for.  It can take its toll and you can easily lose sight of yourself. Giving your confidence and self esteem a bit of a boost can make you feel like a new person and give you a new lease of life. Here are 5 ways on how to boost your self esteem and confidence :

1) Acknowledge even the small wins throughout the day.  Stop comparing yourself to anyone. Life isn’t a competition, everyone has their own unique challenges and battles during the journey. That way of thinking definitely helps my confidence.  – Mighty Mama Bear

2) Do something you really love doing before you do something that worries you,  having done something you are good at makes you feel like you can do anything and are less scared.  – Mummy Cat Notes

3) Eat a good healthy diet and avoid bad food for any month and you will feel a big difference in your outlook on life.  You will feel good inside which will show on the outside.  – Wood Crate

4) If you are a social media junkie go through and stop following any account that makes you doubt yourself or fills you with imposter syndrome. Fill your feed with people you admire,  people who empower you.  – Sinead Latham

5) Learn to find some ‘me’ time. Pamper yourself, have your hair and nails done. By having a little bit of self-care in your life it really makes a difference to your confidence and self esteem. – The Happy Home


7 thoughts on “5 easy ways to boost your self esteem and confidence

  1. I really need to follow these tips. Especially the diet and exercise one, I do believe it really does much more than keep your body healthy it keeps your mind healthy too! My confidence has been so low lately, the lowest it’s been in years. I need to get back on track!
    Much love, Caitylis x x


  2. I love these. It’s so good to hear other people’s hints and tips on the best ways of keeping on top of our self confidence! X


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