How to start a blog

Little disclaimer – I am far from being a blog expert but since I started my blog I have learnt a thing or two on how to create a successful* blog.

*Success blog – it’s hard to define the real meaning of a successful blog. Everyone has different goals and different things they want out of their blog. So a blog being classed as successful is completely individual.

1. Decide why? – why do you want to start a blog? What a lot of people don’t realise is blogging is very hard work. It’s not a case of just making a blog and getting sent freebies. That’s really not how it works. Starting a blog with the idea of making lots of money and getting lots of freebies or making it ‘big’ is not a good idea. Yes, it is great to have goals but it can take years before your first payed job.

2. Choose a platform – I use WordPress for my blog but there is also sites such as Blogger. I’ve heard that Blogger is an easier platform to use but personally I have only used WP. Whatever platform you choose you need to spend time learning about the site and it’s features.

3. Niche/Theme/Topic – I don’t believe in sticking to one niche but that is just personal preference. I like alot of different things so I will want to write about them. I don’t feel like it could stick to one niche. Your blog could have a theme such as advocacy, parenting, gaming, fashion, beauty etc. Get a good idea of the subject you want to write about.

4. Come up with your name – The name of your blog is so important, mine took alot of thinking and I did change it a few times before sticking to The Coastal Mummy. When thinking of a name you want something that grows with you and it memorable and easy to say.

5. Think about layout – What do you want your blog to look like? What do you want it to include? Your homepage can be a static page with an introduction so new readers can easily get to know you or it can be a page with all your blog posts. The choice is yours but like your name it may take a while to perfect.

6. Write, write, write – A short intro on your home page is a great place to start when it comes to writing, consider it a warm up. Then when you are ready write a collection of 5-10 blog posts so they are ready to post on your blog. It also gives you an opportunity to practise your writing technique, grammar and spelling.

7. Social media – A big part of blogging! Your social media accounts make your blog more accessible to thousands more people. Your social media name should be your blog name or atleast very close to it. This is so people can find you easier and to get your blog out there.

8. Have fun – Whether you are new to blogging and only doing it as a hobby or if you have been blogging for a longtime, it is so important that you remember to keep having fun. Enjoy taking photos and being creative with your blog posts.

Your blog is your little place on the huge internet. Enjoy it.


3 thoughts on “How to start a blog

  1. I restarted blogging this year and the difference of having a few posts at the ready compared to just one made the world of difference. Great tips x


  2. OMG love this. I couldnt agree more and im learning this currently. I unfortunately went with Wix after a recommendation and i hate it but i want to try learn more about it before moving across. Fingers crossed for me.


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