A Special Day: Last Minute Birthday Plans With Your Little Ones

If you’re a busy parent, your priority is likely to be the health and happiness of your little one.
You’ll want to ensure that they want for nothing, and they are smiling for the majority of the time (even though there’s going to be the odd meltdown or tantrum). When it comes to your child’s birthday, it’s not only their special day but a chance for you to show how much you love and appreciate them, especially if their behaviour has been great recently (funny how it can get a bit better around this time, right?). However, there always seems to be another mum in the playground that wins at birthdays and parties. This can lead to a bit of upset and jealousy for your little one, which is entirely normal, but you’ll need to counteract these feelings with gratitude and thanks for what they do get.
Most importantly, you’ll need to ensure that your child isn’t growing up to be spoilt and ungrateful, and thankfully, there are an array of things you can do surrounding their birthday to help. Firstly, you’ll need to curb your urge to spend all your money on everything because you love them so much (even though this will be a challenge). Then, you can concentrate on creating a magical birthday experience, without overdoing anything. The following are some ideas, inspiration, and advice for busy parents who want to give their child the best birthday without over-spoiling them so that they can focus on the great memories they’ll make.

Time Together

It’s always tempting to see and take note of what everyone else is doing to celebrate their child’s birthday. Therefore, bear in mind that kids will be super excited to be experiencing any sort of event or party, as they’ll just want to make the most of having a break from their usual routine. A family day trip to places like Peter Rabbit Adventure Playground is a great way to ensure they feel special, especially if they’re little and perhaps too young to enjoy a full-on party. If you do have an older child, and decide to plan a party; try to think about how many party bags you can remember from childhood, and their exact contents; probably, very few to none. There’s no need to go overboard on what you spend. The same goes for what you do on the day. It’s more about your little one doing something different that’s all about them for a day, and they’ll take those happy and fun memories with them through life, without becoming spoilt.

Meaningful Gifts And Treats

There’s nothing wrong with buying your little one gifts and treating them on their birthday; in fact, this is the perfect time to reiterate that the present is for a special occasion so that they won’t expect it all year round.
However, you don’t need to shower your child in gifts; it’s worth getting them something they’ll really appreciate or have been asking for, for a while. Then, they’ll be able to use and enjoy their gift, and presents won’t get pushed aside due to volume. You can prolong the fun on the day with a treasure hunt to find their main gift that you’ve hidden somewhere. They’ll remember the experience and the feelings surrounding the gift as they grow up, and the thought and effort will be far more valuable to them than the money it cost.

*Disclaimer: this is a collaborative post*

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