Tidy Tot – Mealtime Saviour?

Children are messy.

It can be how they learn or it can be just how they like to play.
When your little one is at the age that they use a high chair, you can finally witness how much mess a tiny person can make with a little portion of food. Bibs only work to a certain extent and food can still get on your child’s lap through the gap inbetween them and the highchair tray. This means that your child, the highchair and potentially the floor below all needs a good deep clean. The floor below can get covered half chewed food and hundreds of crumbs, this can cause stains and ruin your flooring. One option could be to lay a plastic sheet on the floor every time you food your little one but then there is storing it away.

So what is the solution to make mealtimes easier?

Tidy Tot

The Tidy Tot is an all in one bib and tray, it comes together as a complete kit in a handy travel bag. Tidy Tot’s goal is to keep mealtime mess to a minimum and to ensure that clean up time is quick and easy. Tidy Tot is designed in a way that the bib attaches to the tray. The tray attaches to most high chairs and booster seats, meaning the tray provided with the high chair or booster can be extended by the Tidy Tot. This results in alot less spillages on the floor. The design of the Tidy Tot is like nothing I have seen before. The bib is unisex so can be used on boys and girls and is a brilliant size. There is no need to worry about the bib not fitting or being to small.

Our thoughts

When it comes to wearing, Elsa didn’t have anything like this. We just managed with a horrible piece of plastic on the floor. But now we are weaning Cleo, the Tidy Tot is so time saving and is saving my floor from unwanted stains. Using the Tidy Tot is quick and easy to assemble and is universal so we can use it any time and any where we want.

The Tidy Tot is a great gift for a baby shower, new baby gift or christening.

To find out more or to purchase a Tidy Tot visit their website: www.tidytot.co.uk

*Disclaimer – I was kindly sent a Tidy Tot to review in exchange for a blog post *

9 thoughts on “Tidy Tot – Mealtime Saviour?

  1. I’ve heard so much about these, they look amazing! I wish I knew when Imogen was first starting to wean it would of made my life 20 times easier!


  2. This is such a genius idea of a product! I kind of wish I’d invented it haha! I’m deffo going to get one for Tyler!! x


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