Posterlounge – Artwork for beginners

People dream of a perfect artwork gallery wall. It is a dream of mine to have a mix and match gallery wall in my living room. There is a catch though when buying lots of art work, after buying all of your artwork you will discover it is very expensive! That is where Posterlounge come in to play.

Posterlounge is an online artwork superstore. There are over 2000 individual artwork choices so the best way to describe their website is a superstore. There is a huge variety for every room in your home and it is an amazing alternative to covering your walls in wallpaper. Posterlounge is perfect if you are looking to start your artwork collection or if you want to start a gallery wall because their prices are so affordable. Whether you want something special for your first home or if you just want to add something to an already decorated room, Posterlounge has you covered. Even though 2000 options seems alot and you may think that it would be impossible to find what you are looking for. But the website is surprisingly organised and easy to use.

The artwork from their website is available in a range of materials and sizes. The materials range from a simple poster to canvas to acrylic and forex. Size is another feature you can choose. Ranging from small to a much larger size, your favourite pieces of artwork are available for every room size. When you are on the website, you can choose your art then the material then the size and finally the fittings. Did you know, you can also edit the art! You can colourise the image to black and white or sepia as well as flipping the art.

I have a small collection of Posterlounge art, I opted to start with pieces for every room instead of creating a full gallery wall just yet. All of my artwork is in the material forex, I prefer this as it is a very light material and it is easy to hang. I am in love with my art, it is brilliant quality and the colours are so vibrant. As we are currently decorating rooms, we are yet to hang them in the chosen rooms but when they are up I can see them being a great addition to each room.

To find out more visit;


*disclaimer – We were kindly sent artwork from Posterlounge in exchange for a review *

12 thoughts on “Posterlounge – Artwork for beginners

  1. I love the print “Let her sleep…” because it’s just motivating isn’t it?! I’m not big on quotes but that really resonates with me. Excited to see how you display them! x


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