Baking with Cake Angels

As I scroll through my Instagram I see parent after parent baking with their children. Some are keeping it plain and simple and some pull out all the stops and show off their serious cake making skills. Unfortunately for me, I don’t fit in with either of these parents. I’m not a home-made sponge cake from scratch type of mum. Don’t get me wrong, I do cook for my husband and kids when it comes to the 3 main meals if the day. Shamelessly I have never gone out and bought every ingredient to make a home made cake. I don’t have time to spend hours baking a highly decorated cake. But Elsa still likes to bake something little at home occasionally, so what do I do?

I buy a Cake Angels Kit

These cupcake kits are easy to use and are available from most major supermarkets so they are readily available if you need one last-minute. The price point for the kits is brilliant too as they are priced at around £1!! The kits come in a variety of different Disney characters. There is something for everyone. As well as a variety of characters there is also a choice of flavours. The best thing about Cake Angels is the kits pretty much contain everything you need. The majority of the kits just need water, an egg and a little bit of oil. The instructions are straightforward and very easy to follow. They are perfect if you are baking with your little ones. The kits are made with children in mind, they are 60% lower in sugar than other cake kits, they are high in Fiber and contain no artificial colours or flavours.

The kits include a cake mix, icing, cases and edible character wafers, all you need is an egg, water and a dash of oil and you have created Cake Angel’s delicious cupcakes.

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*Disclaimer – I was kindly sent Cake Angels kits in exchange for a review*

5 thoughts on “Baking with Cake Angels

  1. Admittedly I couldn’t stand baking until about a year or so ago. I only ever made box versions with my mum in school and we even managed to mess them up! This seems a lot simpler and fuss free than trying to pour ingredients with a toddler strapped to your side x


  2. I can’t wait to bake witth my little one some day. Its something I have fond memories of as a kid! These look great, I always see them in the supermarket and they look really easy.


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