MyHummy – The cute secret to a good night sleep!

As parents we would try anything to get a few more hours sleep at night when we have a little one.
When you have tried everything you can think of you start to think that a good night sleep will never happen again. In reality, you just need to buy a MyHummy.

As a parent of a daughter who doesn’t appreciate sleep, I can say that the MyHummy works a treat. With its selection of 5 white noises; Amniotic fluid with heartbeat, rainfall, sea waves, hairdyer and vacuum cleaner the MyHummy helps to settle your little one at anytime of night. It features a white noise device that is located inside the MyHummy, the device is removable and can be operated without removing it. The newest range of MyHummys also come with added Bluetooth connectivity. This added feature takes the MyHummy to another level. Using the Bluetooth, you can connect it to your phone via the free app. From there you can control everything the Myhummy has to offer. The app includes features such as changing the sound and volume. But the most impressive feature of the app is the alarm mode. The alarm mode is a setting in which if you baby was to cry the MyHummy sends a notification to your phone to tell you that it has started the white noise.

Cleo has Fleur from the Bluetooth range, we received it before we went on holiday so we thought we would test it out and see if it helps settle Cleo in an unfamiliar place. That way we could test if it truly settles a baby crying. After a week away and a couple of weeks testing it at home, we can safely say that it does work! It settles Cleo very quickly and she enjoys cuddling it due to the fact it is so soft and cuddly. The MyHummy is machine washable when you remove the white noise device so you don’t need to worry about unwanted stains. Because of its soft and cuddly feature the MyHummy would be the perfect gift for a newborn, it is also a gift both the baby and the parents can appreciate!

The MyHummy Fleur is priced at £79.99 but for the features and the quality, this is a brilliant price! The best place to buy your MyHummy is their website as you will get the newest model. Aswell as Fleur there is other choices of teddy. As well as white noise Teddy’s, their website also has beautiful blankets, Elsa has their pink blanket and it is incredibly soft!


*Disclaimer – we were sent a MyHummy and a blanket in exchange for a review*

9 thoughts on “MyHummy – The cute secret to a good night sleep!

  1. Your little girl is gorgeous! 🙂
    Glad it’s worth the money as I’ve bought one for my nephew who’s due in July! x


  2. What gorgeous photos! I’ve heard so many people rave about the my hummy bears! I’ll deffo be looking into if it we have another buba!


  3. As a mum to a toddler and a newborn neither of whom who appreciate sleep at the moment I will definitely be looking into getting one of these anything for that extra bit of sleep!


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