Our council house experience!

*Sidenote – we live in a housing association property. This is our experience of getting our house, everyone will have a different experience. I am slightly worried about this post as people do stereotype.*

I found out I was pregnant with Elsa in 2014, I was working part-time in a little shop and I was still at college. While Jonny still works for the company he did then, he lived with his family and I lived with my family. If you have read my blog post about being being pregnant at the same time as my mum  then you will know all about the whole situation. We looked in to private renting but with Rory being poorly I wanted to be close to my family but due to the area we live in, the average house price is close to half a million quid! Not realistic for us.

Now from my experience, we were told we couldn’t get a property until Elsa was born and even then places where wanted to be come few and far between. There was point were I honestly thought there is no way we are going to get anywhere.  While being pregnant my stress levels were so high, I would ring and email all the time in the hope it would help us out.  It was making me ill at one point.  Elsa was born in January 2015 and it wasn’t until May that we finally got the good news that we had the winning bid for a bungalow near my parents house. I was surprised to even get to this point, I wanted to give up for so long. Even though giving up wasn’t really an option.

One of the biggest misconceptions is that getting a council house is so easy.  Take it from someone who battled to get to where we are.  In May 2016 we exchanged our bungalow to our house. This house will be our forever home and soon in the future we are hoping to look in to the process of buying this home.  Everything is now brilliant but the journey to this point wasn’t the easiest. The house is slowly getting there and the kids have an amazing place to grow up.  There is no way we could live where we do if it wasn’t for a housing association. My biggest pet peeve is when people assume that you just get given a house but we are proof  it doesn’t work like that.


3 thoughts on “Our council house experience!

  1. It took until Eva was 4 to get a council property after being homeless whilst pregnant then struggling to private rent from dodgy landlords! It really isn’t easy to get a council home & I’m glad you finally have your forever home!


  2. I second this! I’ve recently moved into council housing and me and Stanley have been put in a 3rd floor flat so I’m left lugging a toddler and a pushchair up 4 flights of stairs!! Because there’s no houses available in the area so this is what I got. It’s not easy like people think it is, I’m just hoping that I’ll be able to exchange to a house soon but who knows?! 😫🤷🏻‍♀️ glad you found your forever home eventually!! Xx


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