Is being a parent the hardest job in the world?

My view on this subject is it definitely is the hard job.
I’m guessing that some people won’t agree with me on this and they are most probably childless and don’t understand the amount a life has to drastically change when a little person comes in to it.

Now. I know, people will be thinking ‘some people would kill to be parents’ but that still doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t find parenting hard. One other thing, parenting to me is a job. You don’t get payed for it but it is still bloody hard work! No one can imagine how their life will be when they are parents, kids can be planned or a complete surprise but either way you can’t be prepared.

Parenting can be a bad experience at times. It doesn’t make you a bad parent but there are times when being a parent isn’t the Pinterest vision that everyone has. As a parent you can experience awful things such as illness, anxiety and worry, teething, sleep deprivation, loneliness, tantrums, no time for yourself and complete lack of energy. Seeing those few things written down shows it is perfectly acceptable to hate parenting. The unconditional love for your children mixed with a dash of parental guilt and a slight hatred for parenting can make you feel like your going mad and being pulled in a hundred different directions.

As a parent whether it is your first for twenty first baby, you lose yourself. Some people notice and for some it isn’t as noticeable but it does happen. You go from it being just you to having to run everything by a little person. Like everything, you end up getting judged alot. You leave your baby, bad parent. You don’t leave them, bad parent. You just cant win. So I raise my children how I want to. I don’t think about judgement from social media. To me, being a parent is the hardest job in the world because I find it really hard sometimes. Things don’t just come easy and that can be a hard thing to cope with.

Why doesn’t parenting seem perfect all the time? Why isn’t my experience of being a parent not like a Pinterest parent?

Because not everything needs to be perfect for you to be an amazing parent. Being a mummy and a daddy is the hardest job but the most rewarding. Just look at your little ones faces and they will tell you that you are everything they ever wanted and dreamed of.

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