10 Questions – Interview With A Blogger – Mumblebees_

I had some great comments about my first post in my Interview With A blogger series so I thought I would interview another one of my favourite bloggers and parenting social media influencers! This time it is Charlotte from Mumblebees_

  • Can you tell us about you and your blog?

My name is Charlotte, I’m 26 and I am mum to a beautiful daughter and two angel babies. My blog is about general parenting as well as some reviews about products but my main feature is Mumblebees Meets where I feature a blog post written by another mum/dad/childminder – anyone that experiences children in some way!

  • How long have you been blogging?

With this particular blog, since Sophia was about 3 months so I’d say about a year now! I should probably check that actually, maybe I missed my first anniversary!

  • Why do you blog and why did you start?

I have always been one to write, I kept a diary as a child and then a personal blog and so for me a parent themed blog was the natural next step. I find it really therapeutic to just mind dump, even if no one is reading it!

  • What is your best thing about blogging?

The Mummy Blogger community by far! I never really made any mum friends – we didn’t do NCT and then moved when Sophia was 9 weeks old so it we didn’t help ourselves. So the friends in my phone that I’ve made through blogging are just so amazing!

  • What is your worst thing about blogging?

The rejection. I’m a sensitive soul and it can be hard when no one likes/comments/follows on your stuff. It really can make you doubt why you’re doing it and even sometimes doubt your methods! It can be hard putting yourself out there in the hands of the world.

  • Who are your favourite bloggers/parents on social media?

Well, your “influencer” types – I love Giovanna Fletcher, Susie Verril, Elle @feathering_the_empty_nest but I think I love some smaller accounts I’ve discovered even more so! Claire @cailynsmummy, Jade @mama_scrumpy, Clare @mummyandivy and Elle @baba.and.me I just love! I love their content, their gorgeous babies but also the fact they’re just such lovely lovely ladies!

  • What is your favourite social media platform and why?

Instagram without a doubt. I can’t stand Facebook, it’s so hard to actually see your friends’ content on it now, it’s all commercialised and sponsored and blah blah. I’ve never managed to click with Twitter.

  • What is your number 1 goal that you would love to achieve?

Would love to achieve 10k followers – it seems greedy but I so want the swipe up feature!

  • What is the dream brand that you would love to work with?

Hmm tricky. I love MAM. We used all of their stuff when Sophia was little but she’s outgrown a lot of their stuff now so maybe if we had another baby MAM would be ideal to work with! For Sophia and for now I’d really like to work with OXO tots! I love their products! We use a lot of those too!

  • What are your social media names? So my readers can find you!

@mumblebees_ is my blog page but I’ve recently started up my own small business doing family illustration prints which you can find on @sweetpea_scribbles


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Hi! I am a 23 year old blogger from little old Norfolk. I am a wife to Jonny and a mummy to 2 daughters, Elsa and Cleo. I started this blog in September 2016 and have fell in love with blogging! My blog is my little space on the internet to write about what I want. I write about my little brother, who has Down Syndrome and I use my blog and social media to raise awareness. As well as product reviews, our adventures.

One thought on “10 Questions – Interview With A Blogger – Mumblebees_

  1. Those are great answers and great information. It’s funny, I am in the process of interviewing a very famous blogger who works with better home and garden and some other companies and I saw your post! How similar thinking we bloggers have! I am your new follower. Come visit me and stay connected please!!!


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