Are Speck Phone Cases Child Proof?

If you are a parent then you understand that feeling when you give your children your beloved phone. The feeling of regret and fear hits you.
Will your phone survive an episode of PJ Masks? You also think about the fact that you pay so much for a phone contract when in fact the majority of the time you aren’t the one using it. Your child is to watch other kids on YouTube unbox things.

If you are like me then you pay through the odds for your phone contract, everyone wants different things out of a phone but if you do pay a lot then you want to invest in a good case. A case that will withstand the forces of a toddler. It is a big ask for a phone case to do that. Although I think I may have found one that can.

Speck cases are perfectly engineered to protect against knocks, bangs and drops. Using a multi layer design means there is extra protection which as a parent you definitely need. Speck create their cases from the most sleek and high-tech materials which gives their products that high-end feel. There are many different ranges to choose from and all have their own special features. There are 8 types of cases to choose from but the three that I have been trying out and seeing for myself if they are toddler proof are;

  • Presidio Clear – 2 layers of clear protection against drops up to 8ft.
  • Presidio Clear + Glitter – Features glitter made from glass flakes that are coated in Silver and Gold. Same great protection as the clear version.
  • Presidio Grip – Features raised rubber edges to give 15% more grip than other cases similar.

Each Speck case has its own special points, whether it is the high in which they are dropped tested or how stylish they are.

So are they child proof?

From my experience, yes they are. I have the Samsung s8+ and to be honest that is quite a big phone compared to others out there. My phone gets dropped and on occasions if have caught Cleo trying to chew it. It definitely gets treated badly but since having a Speck case on it, there has been zero damage. I am using the Presidio Clear + Glitter in pick and not only is it a brilliant high quality case but it is exactly the type of case I would pick by looks anyway. It is extra peace of mind to know that I have the extra protection for my phone when I need it.

Speck cases are available from their website.


*Disclaimer – I was kindly sent a selection of case from Speck in exchange for a review*

6 thoughts on “Are Speck Phone Cases Child Proof?

  1. Mine currently has a huge crack in it because my 14 year old dropped it on our quarry tile floor 😂😂😂 so anything that I can get to protect it from ALL of the children is a bonus!


  2. Great review! A lot of relevant info. I don’t have this kind of phone, but I hadn’t thought about my case being child-proof.


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