Three Ways We Can Teach Kids Outside of The Classroom

We’re so lucky to live in a place in the world with such a great education system, which not only provides our child with the information they need to navigate the world but it’s completely free.
However, it’s not to say that everything a child needs to know can be learned in the classroom, and as parents we have a duty to ensure that we nuture their curiosity, imagination and thinking in other ways too. Here are some of the ways kids can learn outside of the classroom.



Get some exercise and learn about nature in the great outdoors

In a world where children have grown up with technology, getting them away from their screens can be tricky. But it’s so important to do so, children need to learn about the world around them and experience it for themselves. They need to be out, stretching their legs, breathing in fresh air and be out seeing and doing new things. Go on nature trails or go camping. Go on bike rides, have picnics in meadows or walk your family dog together through woods. If you want to make it more of a learning experience, Pinterest have fun worksheets you can take. Otherwise, games of eye spy or collecting items like cones and feathers can get them looking out for new things and you can answer their questions along the way.

Encourage imagination with free play

School is fantastic but it’s a very structured environment. Sometimes children need to be wild and free, and with free play you can encourage more creative ‘out of the box’ thinking. Instead of structured games, how about purchasing things like wooden holztiger toys at– these can be used for fantasy play where children can make up their own stories, characters and ideas with these as a starting point. Otherwise, you could ask your child to make up a game with their own rules and all play along, even if it’s nonsense! Encourage them to get as creative and wacky as they’d like.

Inspire empathy by volunteering

It’s natural as parents to want to give our children everything they want, to wrap them up in cotton wool from the world and make sure their every whim is catered to. However, doing this doesn’t allow you to raise well rounded children and can actually cause them to become spoiled. Not only do we need to teach children to work for their rewards (this could be simple things like making their bed to earn pocket money or an other age appropriate chore). We also need to teach them respect and empathy for other to allow them to be kind and considerate adults. One way you could do this is by taking them volunteering with you, it could be anywhere from a nursing home to a children’s hospital to an animal shelter. Show them how rewarding it is to spend their time taking care of someone who’s not as fortunate as them, it can also teach them gratitude for what they have.


*Disclaimer- This is an collaborative post*

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