6 Must Haves If You Are A Blogger

There seems to be so many people starting blogs, the internet is a huge place and there is room for everyone.
It is incredible that blogging has become such a huge hobby and profession for some people. Whether you do it for a hobby or as a money-maker. There are a few must have that you must have to start an amazing blog. These things depend what niche your blog is.

  1. Stationary – Even though blogging is primarily online, as a blogger you write a lot with a pen and paper. The amount of notebooks I go through is crazy considering everything I write ends up being online.
  2. Ways to get online – By this I mean that you need a device to enable you to get online and to your chosen platform. The majority of people in this day and age have a smart phone and you can blog from your phone. But if you do have items such as a laptop and phone then obviously that does help.
  3. Camera – This can be using a phone camera or a digital or DSLR. Starter or professional camera, it is entirely up to you and the level that you are on when it comes to knowing your photography skills.
  4. Props – Part of being a blogger is flat lay photos of products, it is a skill I am yet to get the hang of, my biggest tip is to visit your local DIY shop for wall paper samples they are fantastic for backgrounds. Also having a little stash of props that you think you would use just incase you need any extra bits.
  5. Your own space – There is nothing better than having a your very space to write and create content. A quiet space just for you is definite must have for me. It doesn’t have to be an office space, just a sitting area or your bed to work in peace.
  6. Added Extras – Things such as personalised clothing if you are looking at reviewing days out and going to events. I got my hoody from Ebay but you can use companies such as nnt customised or check out local businesses.

Remember whether you are doing it for a hobby or for work that you should always have fun with blogging and creating your own content!


*Disclaimer – This is a sponsored post. *

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