‘What I want to be when I am bigger’ – Dreams and Aspirations of Elsa

Every parent wonders what their little one will be when they are grown up. It can be emotional to think that at such a young age they are dreaming of a time when they will be independent and will be standing on their own two feet. A lot can influence what your child wants to do; jobs that yourself and other family member do, their surroundings and even down to things such as toys they play with.

Elsa has always wanted to tell me when she has a dream about when she is bigger. I think at the moment at the top of her little dream job list is to be a Palaeontologist or has she calls it looking after dinosaur bones and being an explorer. As a Mummy this seems like a huge and crazy dream for my little baby and the thought of her one day having to go away to study or work makes me so sad but I will always support her. We have spoken about it so much and she is pretty decided that she also wants to go to Cambridge University. I looked in to going to Uni but life wanted to take a different path and I became a Mummy instead.

Peppa Pig Flip Flap Book

Another dream that Elsa has is to become a doctor or nurse. She is fascinated by everything medical, I have always thought it was because she has grown up with Rory so the aspect of hospital and doctors is in the background at all times. When I have had appointments for things like blood tests Elsa is wanting to help the nurse. A bit of an odd situation for a qualified nurse. A 3-year-old wanting to help take blood. Hospital programs and doctors toys are some of her favourites. Imaginary play is amazing for children and when it inspires their future it becomes even more amazing.

Peppa Pig mobile medical centre

Children, especially toddlers want to watch a lot of cartoons and TV. But what if some of their most loved characters could help them with their future dreams and aspirations? We recently discovered that Peppa Pig toys can support children’s development in their future. Some of the toys that feature the most loved Peppa Pig characters and support dreams and aspirations are;

  • Peppa Pig Mobile Medical Centre
  • Peppa’s Space Adventure Case
  • Flip Flap Peppa book

I will be proud of Elsa what ever she chooses to do in her life, whether she decides to leave home and study or if she decides to have children first, like her mummy. I am her mummy and I will support her whatever dreams and aspirations she has.


*Disclaimer- We were kindly gift the Peppa Pig toys in exchange for a blog post*

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