Nuby Natural Touch Digital Breast Pump Review

As a mummy who breast feds, I know that you can feel restricted due the fact that your little needs you there at all times in case they get hungry.

There is then the worry that your milk supply isn’t enough or the guilt that someone else can’t feed your baby. That is where a breast pump comes in handy. I have used manual breast pumps before and the problem with those is that it takes so long and it can hurt your hands after a while! It can be not a very pleasant experience. Even though they are more expensive, electric and digital breast pumps provide a much better experience.

I have been testing out the Nuby Natural Touch Ultimate digital Breast Pump over the last few weeks so I can let you know if it is really worth the extra money!

The Nuby Natural Touch Digital Breast Pump is a touch screen digital pump which stimulates the breast and helps increase milk supply as well as expressing. The added bonus of the stimulation means that milk is expressed much quicker. The digital screen controls the 9 adjustable settings for expressing and stimulating. You can also keep an eye on how long you have been expressing for with a built in timer. It is easy to read and allows you to find your preferred expressing setting.

The pump is rechargeable with a battery lasting around 3 hours on a full charge, it can also be powered by the mains. With it being rechargeable, it means that it is completely portable and can be taken anywhere. An ideal feature as no breast feeding mummy wants to have full engorged breasts as they can’t pump or feel comfortable breast feeding in public. You can additionally buy a kit to covert it in to a double pump.

The part of the pump that attaches to the breast is soft on skin is comfortable to use even for a longer length of time. When pumping the unit is quiet compared to other pumps and with the 9 settings I could find my perfecting setting with no trouble at all. It is pretty easy to use and the first initial set up hardly took any time at all. There was not too many parts and comes with everything you need to start expressing so you don’t need to buy additional parts unless you want to convert in to a double or don’t already have Nuby bottles.

In the box with the pump and mains cable, you also receive a bottle, a soother and a bottle stand which prevents the bottle falling over and wasting precious breast milk. Spilling breast milk is something no mummy wants to happen. It is brilliant as it can be used as soon as it is out of the box.

Expressing milk means that as a mummy you can have more freedom and can pass the responsibility of feeding your baby on to a friend or family. The Nuby Natural Touch Digital breast pump has everything you could ever need out of a breast pump and more. I have enjoyed every moment using this breast pump and it is definitely a must have for any breast feeding mummy!


*Disclaimer – We were kindly sent the Nuby Natural Touch Digital breast pump in exchange for a review*

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