The Ugly Side Of Online Mum Forums!

I was watching my Instagram stories not long ago and there was a blogger explaining that she had come across a mums forum site that had threads of comments about UK parent bloggers and social media influencers.

This mum site has its own influencer network which I was part of so I thought I would investigate and I can’t believe what I found.

This website it very well known and I will openly admit that before I knew all of this I was tagging them in my tweets in the hope that they would share my blog post. I can now safely say that I feel like I dodged a bullet. Me being curious, I googled the website name and bloggers and social media influencers. After reading one page on just one thread, I just couldn’t believe what I was reading online. This site who advertise that they have an influencer network also seems to allow threads of thousands and thousands of comments that attack bloggers and social media influencers who are most probably on the sites network. Now I do understand that not everyone will like you or your blog but these comments were not just about writing technique or views and opinions, they were personal attacks.

Some comments I read on what they call ‘instamums’ said; ‘ Bloggers are like ‘If you don’t kiss my ass and take everything I’m shoving down your throat without question you will be blocked.’ and ‘ I don’t endorse products because who the fuck would know who I am. These woman are not your friends. They are business women.’ There is then about 20 comments about how bloggers and mums on social media are nothing but ‘business women masquerading as friends in the hope to make money.’ I might only be able to speak for myself on my blog but I wouldn’t say anyone is faking being friends to make money.

Do you know why?

Because it takes a hell of a long time to make any money! So it isn’t worth it!

When I read comments saying ‘Why the fuck are their children so interesting?’ That is when I knew I had read enough and I lost it. My children aren’t more interesting but maybe, just maybe I have a following because I am not wasting my time being an arsehole about parents who have made the most out of their spare time and have made a business but what do I know I am just an ‘entitled mum who uses her children.’

Before people point the blame entirely on the people writing on the threads, I just want to know; If a site has an influencer network then why do they allow thousands and thousands of comments that attack the influencers in their network? My theory is, at the end of the day this site is more of a business. Working with bloggers and influencers but at the same time getting page hits and people joining their site to bully is putting money in the site owners back pocket!

In fact this site should have a duty of care towards their influencers. They can’t expect parents to work with them then in the same breath allow bullies to attack these influencers on their site.

I did tag them in my tweets in the hope that if I got noticed and it would bring me more exposure but I don’t want exposure if it means that I will be attacked on a forum that is meant to support. These people on these threads and forums need to remember that the site they are on would have started somewhere and started small like every other blogger and influencer. The mum site needs to open their eyes and realise that bloggers and influencers aren’t going to carry on being harassed and bullied.

Here is an example of the comments, there were some awful ones but they named bloggers so I’m going to post them:

I am no longer supporting this website and I will be leaving their influencer network.

*Disclaimer – I have not named the site for legal reasons*


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One thought on “The Ugly Side Of Online Mum Forums!

  1. Hey Rebecca. I’ve thrown myself in the deep end with sites like this and come across exactly what you have experienced. It’s awful. We should be building each other up and supporting each other, not tearing each other down. You’re so right to say that huge accounts like this have a duty of care – they make money off the likes of us. But if anyone is getting a new washing machine I’d be quite jealous too 😂😂 our blogs are our babies. We nourish them and try and grow them to the best of our abilities. The friends I’ve made in my short 8 weeks in the community aren’t fake – they’re awesome, and we have that one thing in common – we’re all trying to do what’s best for our kids by being there for them and trying to find our happiness in sharing what we do. Well done you for writing this ❤️


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