Healthy Snacks With Pulsin

Elsa loves to snack and I think that is the same for every toddler. But as a parent it can be worrying that your toddler can be eating to much nasty stuff.

Over the past few weeks, Elsa and I have been munching into the Pulsin healthy snack bars. For adults, Pulsin have bars that are highly nutritious and perfect if you want a boost of energy or nutrition on the go. The bars come in 9 varieties and each bars has its own nutritious properties and benefits. My favourite one has got to be, Peanut Choc Protein Booster Brownie. I am not ashamed to say that I am a lover of chocolate and I think the majority of people are the same. There is nothing better than to tuck in to a bar of chocolate but when I tried the Peanut Choc boosters I didn’t feel like I need to have more chocolate. It is delicious, just like eating a chocolate nutty brownie but with the added benefit of being healthy and nutritious. It is a winner from me and the handy size means that I can chuck one in my handbag or changing bag and go.

For children, there are the Pulsin oat bars. These bars come in 3 varieties; Orange Choc Chip, Blackcurrent and Apple, and Strawberry. These snacks count as one of your child’s 5 a day and contain 1/3 less sugar than what other snack products have in them. As well as being 100% natural. Pulsin have partnered with Hotel Transylvania 2 for the release of the new movie. It is a great way to get children away from the unhealthy snacks that they may eat while watching a movie, instead get them to try out the Pulsin Kids bars. Elsa loves the Orange Choc Chip, I think it is the love of chocolate that she definitely gets from me. When she eats a Pulsin bar though, I don’t have to worry about the ingredients as they are all 100% natural and healthy.

On the Pulsin website you can filter the products if you need to stick by a special diet. It is so helpful as I know people that need the products to be gluten or diary free. It just allows the process for finding the perfect bar for you simple.

Pulsin bars are available from their website.

*Disclaimer- I was kindly sent a package of Pulsin bars in exchange for this post*

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