Post Office and Google Digital Drop-Ins – My Experience

On the 17th August, I travelled to the Forum in Norwich City Centre to find out if opportunities like digital drop-ins are needed.

The digital drop-ins are organised and created by the Post Office and Goggle Digital Garage. They are a time where anyone can go and get much-needed help about anything tech related.

I feel like I am pretty confident when it comes to tech and being digital. I spoke about it in more detail in my previous blog post about digital drop-ins. I am lucky enough to have been brought up in a time that knowing how to work a phone or a computer is common knowledge. We now live in a generation where pretty much everything has a tech aspect and that may be fine for me but what about those people who don’t understand?


There is a generation of people out there that would have never thought about owning a piece of tech like a smart phone. Due to the increase of things that use programs such as Android and Apple and older models that aren’t ‘smart’ slowly being pushed out and being made outdated. More and more people are having to figure out how to become digital, it can be a daunting experience. Trying to get your head around all the features a phone has now when 10 years ago, it was just to call and text. This is where the digital drops in come in to play and this is where they can change how a person looks at their technology.

While I was at the digital drop in, I helped a lovely lady who had got her first smart phone in July. She got it as other people she knew were starting to use WhatsApp. I personally don’t really use WhatsApp but I thought I would try to help as best as I could. After helping her with WhatsApp, she then had a lot of other questions about her phone. Some I just knew and to be honest I thought other people would also know. That is when I realised that these drop-ins are so important. I may know how to use a smart phone or a computer but someone else might really be struggling. The lady wanted to know things like, how to use her alarm clock or how to set a reminder on her calendar. There was so much information to tell her and I didn’t want to overload her with too much new information about her smart phone but she seemed to take in it really well and left knowing everything she wanted too and most importantly happy with what I helped her with.




These digital drop-ins are for young or old and before the session I didn’t realise that so many people need to be digital but didn’t know how to be. The Post Office and Google Digital Garage help people understand things that some people never thought they would be able to. In some ways it can even be life changing, showing someone how to use something, that I know I definitely take for granted.

To find out more about the Digital Drop In visit their website.

Thank you so much to the Post Office for inviting me, I had a lovely time!


*This is a collaboration post with the Post Office*

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