Bickiepeg Range Review

Bickiepeg. A household name that has been around for years and most importantly loved and trusted for years.

It is a brand that his passed through many generations. It was created in 1925 by a leading Harley Street doctor. The first product being the iconic Bickiepeg teething biscuits.

The teething biscuits are completely natural and made from 3 ingredients; Wheat flour, Wheatgerm and Water. They are the perfect mixture to create a specially designed biscuit with helps babies and toddlers with the process of teething. They are handcrafted and are shaped in a way that allows your baby to use on their front and back teeth. Bickiepegs can be eaten but their first use is for teething. Cleo has used Bickiepegs to sooth her sore gums, the best thing about them is that they do work really well and they are 100% natural and as a parent you know there is no nasties in them. Bickiepegs pride themselves that 5 generations have used their products to cut their first teeth and we can definitely see why.


Another great product from Bickiepeg is their finger toothbrush and gum massager. This small silicone product is designed to both clean your child’s teeth and massage their gums while being quick and easy as it fits on your finger. It gives me the peace of mind that I am cleaning Cleo’s teeth without the worry of hurting her mouth with a regular toothbrush. The soft material means that no hard plastics are going in your child’s mouth near sore gums. Another great product by Bickiepegs that helps your little one with teething.


Our favourite product from the Bickiepeg range though has to be the Doidy Cup. This is a specially designed slanted cup that is suitable for use from 3 months. Yes, 3 months. It sounds crazy but they really work. They are like a regular cup but with the feature of being slanted. This allows for better control when picking up and putting down the cup. The slanted design is scientifically designed in a way that teaches your child to drink from a cup with a rim instead of a teat or spout. Another great feature is that if you are breastfeeding it doesn’t confuse your little one with a bottle or teat. The Doidy cup is a perfect product for both older children and children that are much younger that may need to drink out of a cup.


Bickiepeg teething biscuits – £2.09
Bickiepeg finger toothbrush and gum massager – £4.49
Doidy Cup – £3.08
All available to buy from the Bickiepeg website.


*Disclaimer – I was sent Bickiepeg products in exchange for a review *

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