YUU Bag Review

Traveling with children can be a total nightmare, you pack as much stuff as you can carry in the hope that it will entertain them.

Then you discover that half the things you packed, they don’t even want. Traveling with children can be stressful so finding a product that stops the majority of that stress is very handy!

Throughout the summer holidays, Rosie has been testing out the YUU Bag Bluush. The bag is created with children over 6 years in mind so with Rosie being 8 this is the perfect product for her to test out. The YUU Bag has been specially designed in a way that appeals to both children and their parents, the bag has many brilliant features and is good for growing backs. When YUU World was designing their bag they work closely with Backcare, a charity for back and neck pain. They showed the YUUdesigners the best ways to support young backs. This means that children can enjoy the bag and parents can be sure that it is doing the most it can to help your child’s back and neck.

Now to the fun bit, the YUU Bag is jam-packed with brilliant features. The bag has a 26 litre storage capacity and has 12 pockets and compartments including one which is hidden but shh it is a secret! The YUU Bag also comes with a built in desk meaning that your children can play and be entertained wherever they are. When you purchase the YUU Bag you will also receive a fun pack which includes an activity book, a dry wipe board, a marker and a pack of colouring pencils. So you are all set to use the YUU Bag as soon as you get it.

It is the must have bag for days out and for travelling. There is lots of space for everything your child would like to take with them on their big adventures. Rosie packed her bag with colouring books, a pencil case, her tablet and lots of bit and pieces along with her water bottle which fit perfectly in one of the side pockets and there was still plenty of space for if she wanted to take more or brought anything while out and about. We have found only one downside to the YUU Bag, it can be quite heavy and bulky when it is jam packed. It is understandable that it will be as it can fit so much but it is something that you must take into consideration when purchasing for a child.


The bag comes in lots of different patterns on their website. Rosie has loved taking her bag out on her adventures throughout the summer holidays and since we have more days out planned the YUU Bag is definitely coming along too!


*Disclaimer – We were kindly sent a YUU Bag to review in exchange for a review*

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