Beauty Must Haves For Mummies!

Every now and then us mummies deserve to have a treat.

I am all for self care and spending a bit of time on myself, after all being a mummy is hard work! I try a lot of different products and some are hits and some are misses. I have created a small list of some of my favourite products for when I need to do something for me.

When it comes to my hair, it has always been thick and a bit unruly. I do complain about my thick hair and I always get told that people would love to have thick hair like mine but honestly I feel like I need so many products to tame it. Lately I have been using Phil Smith products, more specifically products from the Be Gorgeous range. I use both the transforming Argan Oil and the cream, both which make your hair look shiny and feel great. Another holy grail product from the range is the coconut dry shampoo, every mummy needs dry shampoo in her life!


The next product may sound like an odd one to have on the list but I also swear by the Lansinoh Lanolin cream. I used this a lot when I was breastfeeding Cleo but I read online that it not only makes a great lip balm but some people also use it as a make up primer! Yes, a make up primer! I am yet to try it as a primer but it will be so interesting to see how it works under foundation but I mostly use it as a lip balm especially in the winter months when lips can become more dry and cracked. It is something that most mummies have but never think of using.

The 3rd product on my list is one of the coolest thing I have ever used. It is Skin Shop Chameleon Concealer. It is not like any other regular concealer, it isn’t a regular concealer size for one thing. It is more foundation size, then these tiny concealers you can get. The Chameleon Concealer has tone matching technology, this means that it comes out green but then as you blend it becomes an exact match to your skin tone. The green helps with anti redness. When I first used it, I was so interested and kept blending it on my hand as it is an incredibly interesting product!

I suffer with dry eyes so any products that help with that are a lifesaver. I hear a lot of people suffer with this and it is made worse if you also have tired eyes. Something mummies have a lot, especially if you have a newborn. I have been using the Optase eye care regime. This 3 step system helps with many different eye problems such as dry eyes, styes and irritated eyes. Previously I have tried other products but none have work as well as the Optase range. The 3 steps are to heat the mask, wipe with the Tea Tree oil lid wipes and then finish off with the eye spray. I highly recommend this if you suffer with dry eyes like I do because the 3 step system works wonders.

The final few products on my list are all from the same range. They are by a brand called Embryolisse. They are currently stocked in boots so they are so easy to get your hands on. I have been trying the Lait-Creme Fluid, this is a multi use product. It can be used as a moisturiser, a make up remover or to use as after sun. I use this as a make up remover, it cleanses skin and leave skin feeling so smooth. The other products in the range are, Lait-Creme Concentre and Artist Secret. The Lait-Creme Concentre can be used as a moisturiser and a make up base like a primer. You use it in the morning to get rid of dry skin and make skin look amazing. The final product that I use is the Artist Secret, this product is a holy grail. It is a small stick that you swipe under your eyes to reduce dark circles and just to wake up the eyes. It is a must when Cleo has had a bag night!

I hope you have discovered some new and exciting products and comment below what your favourite products are!


*Disclaimer – All the products featured were very kindly gift to me*

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