Our Cupid Box Date Night Subscription experience

As parents to 2 young children, Jonny and I have to plan our date nights well in advance.

If we want to go out, we have to sort the kids out with a baby sitter and if we are going out late then we have to organise them staying at a grandparent’s house. That is a lot of organising even before we have thought about what we actually want to do. Then there is the cost. Our nearest place to go out is a 50 mile round trip and our nearest city is a 70 mile round trip! So going out properly is a big thing. There are a lot of parents and couples that are in exactly the same situation as us but there is now an answer to this problem.. the Cupid Box monthly date night subscription box.


Cupid Boxes are date night delivered to you. Prices start from £25 a month but if you buy a more than one monthly subscription you get them at a discount price. £25 a month for fully planned out date night is a bargain, especially for us. There isn’t much in the way of a date that you can get for £25. Every month, your box will include everything you need for a date night for you and your partner. It also encourages you to try something new.

Jonny and I tested out the first Cupid Box so we could tell you what we thought. The first box was themed around Paris. When we opened the box, we were shocked to see that every single aspect of a date night was thought of. The box was jam-packed with activities to do and they were things that get you communicating and having a laugh with each other. The most important thing for us when it comes to a date night is that we have a laugh and spend some quality time together as it is hard to do that when you have children. The up side to the Cupid Box is that we don’t need to organise for someone to have Elsa and Cleo and we don’t need to travel miles and miles to find something to do.


Inside the box was a wide range of Paris themed activities and a booklet which told you which order to do them in so our night was planned out. The first thing in our box was a vanilla Juliet Andrews candle to set the mood, it smells amazing and is a lovely addition to the box. The next thing is a set of compliment cards, you write lovely things about your partner on them and hide them so they find them throughout then month. Now to the Paris activities, there is a map of Paris and some day out cards so you can compare what your perfect day in Paris would be. Is it the same as your partners?

There were two activities in the Cupid Box which Jonny and I found so fun. Building our own mini Notre Dame and the dot to dot of a famous painting that you can paint yourself afterwards. These are things that Jonny and I would have never thought of and it is was so exciting to open up our Cupid Box and discover what was waiting for us. The whole box is brilliant, there is even a pancake mix so you can make your own crepes at the end of the night. Everything has been thought of and the contents makes an amazing and fun night.

The Cupid Box would be perfect as a gift too. You could even buy it for newly wed couple so they have so great date nights sorted for them in the months after their wedding or maybe you could buy it for your partner just to spend a little more time together.

We love the Cupid Box and would recommend it to any couple that just wants that extra time together!


*Disclaimer – We were kindly sent a box from Cupid Box in exchange for a review*

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