Is Ace Stain Remover school stain proof? #ACEFORSCHOOL

The moment all parents dread. Kids coming out of school with a stain on their uniform.

At the moment Elsa doesn’t have a set uniform, as she is at Nursey school she is able to wear her own clothes but that doesn’t stop the stains. If anything, the stains are a lot worse. When Elsa started at Nursery I would send her in anything out of her wardrobe, I soon discovered that is the worst thing I could do unless I wanted all her clothes to be stained. So now she has a piles of clothes just for getting messy.

When it comes to Nursery there is a lot of things that could cause a stain; Paint, colouring pens, mud, grass, ect. Elsa is a wanna be Banksy so she loves to paint, draw and colour. As you can imagine as a parent, when she comes out of school and announces to me that she has been creating masterpieces. I start questioning myself about how I am going to get the stains out and salvage the T-shirt. My stress over stains has gone away after discovering ACE.


I have been putting ACE for colours and ACE stain remover spray to the test to see if it can really remove stains. I decided to test it on a white t-shirt that Elsa wore for Nursery one day. It had colouring pen stains and mud stains on it, I wasn’t optimistic that the stains were going to come out. I have tried a few other products before and some worked to some extent but the clothes were never completely back to normal. It would be a dream to find a stain remover that actually works as they can be quite pricey too.

With Elsa’s t-shirt, I firstly laid it on the worktop and sprayed the areas that were stained then left it there for around 10 minutes. I was unsure of how long to leave it as on the back of the bottle it just says a while but I thought 10 minutes would do the trick. I then chucked the t-shirt in the washing machine on its own and poured some of the ACE for colours on top. There is many ways to us this product but as the stains were bad and it was a white t-shirt I thought the best thing would be to have it directly it. I also used my regular washing products such as laundry powder, softener and a cap of my favourite Zoflora in the washing machine draw. I did only put it on a 20 minute quick wash, just to see if that would be enough. To me, there was no need to have the washing machine on for over an hour for one piece of clothing.


It was safe to say that I was pleasantly surprised to see that the once stained t-shirt was completely clean and back to a bright white again. Even after being in the washing machine for only 20 minutes, it was stain free. The ACE products really worked for us and to be honest, I am completely shocked that they did. When Elsa stains clothing she does it well and normally if it was too bad I would just throw the item away which isn’t the most eco thing to do. I will have to retest the ACE products on food stains with a piece from Cleo’s wardrobe.With Elsa starting school next September and Cleo starting Nursey not long after, it has shown us how easy it will be to get their clothes back to new again.



This post is an entry for the BritMums #ACEforSchool Challenge, sponsored by ACE. Get help for all kinds of stains with the ACE Stain Helper. or to buy head to your local Tesco’s, Morrison’s, Waitrose or Sainsbury’s.”




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