4 Different Children, 4 Different Bloomsbury Mill Duvet Covers!

There is nothing better than to have a beautiful duvet cover with a thick cosy duvet and a sofa on a cold morning.

Sitting watching a Disney movie on the sofa with the girls cuddling up with their favourite duvet covers is one of my favourite things to do. Bloomsbury Mill sent over duvet covers for Elsa, Cleo, Rory and Rosie so they are all set for movie days on the sofa. They each chose a different design, it was a difficult decision as there are so many gorgeous designs on the Bloomsbury Mill website.

Each design is colourful and vibrant, prefect for little ones and there is a design for everyone. Also there not just for children, there covers are available in double as well as single size. I have tired to convince Jonny to let me have their magic unicorn duvet set on our bed but so far I hasn’t worked.

Elsa has the Magic Unicorn duvet, Rosie has the Patchwork duvet, Rory has the Construction Vehicles duvet and Cleo has the Safari Animals duvet. All in the single size, so they will be perfect for years to come. Each design is so different but I love them all. The duvet sets come with the duvet and the pillow. They are 48% cotton so are soft to the touch and ideal for young children. The sets cost £12.99 for a single which is a brilliant price for a set that is brilliant quality like this one.

One of my favourite things about Bloomsbury Mill is that there is a design for any personality. The bright covers and more muted tones of sets such as the grey stars means that you are definitely going to find one that your child loves and with the low prices, it means that they won’t break the bank if you decide to change décor in your child’s bedroom. The duvet covers are available in cot bed, single, double and you can also buy a pair of pillowcases. These options are available in every design.

I know of a few parents who have double beds for their children, Bloomsbury Mill has made it easy for parents to find suitable covers that fit double duvets.  Elsa, Rosie and Rory all have single beds at the moment and Cleo has a cot bed but she has a single size as it won’t be long until we move her in to a bigger bed. They are all very happy with their duvet covers and now can’t wait to use them whether that be in bed or on the sofa downstairs while watching a movie.

Visit the Bloomsbury Mill website  to look at their other designs and to order.

Duvet covers shown:
Rory’s: Construction Vehicles
Cleo: Safari Animals
Elsa: Magic Unicorn
Rosie: Patchwork



*Disclaimer – We were kindly sent duvet covers from Bloomsbury Mill in exchange  for a blog post*

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