Our Primevil Scare Experience at Roar Dinosaur Adventure

October is the month for Halloween. Throughout the month, we all get ready for the one night a year that we can dress up as scary as we want too but what if you could go and be scared more than you could ever thought possible on more than just 31st October?

Every October Roar Dinosaur Adventure in Lenwade host the scariest event in Norfolk, Primevil. This year, Primevil runs from 12th October to 3rd November with 2 extreme over 18+ nights on the 2nd and 3rd of November. Primevil is not for the faint hearted at the best of times so I can’t imagine how scary the extreme nights will be! The event runs from 6pm to 11pm but you should allow yourself between 3 and 4 hours to do everything (if you dare).

Jonny and I visited Primevil on their press night on 11th October, we had visited previous years when we had brought tickets (Primevil kindly invited us to experience their frights before the public). It has always been scary and even years ago, I can remember being petrified in certain attractions and this year was no different. If not, more scary. Primevil has 5 attractions and each one is based on a fear. Every year these could change so even if you have been before, it will be different this year. This years scares are:

  • Carnevil of Terror – Freaked Out
  • Forest of Fear – Fresh Meat
  • Mayhem Manor Hotel – Sleep Tight
  • The Crypt – Repent Your Sins
  • Arachnophobia

The greatest thing about Primevil is that the level of scariness of each of these all depends on your fear. Clowns is a fear for me so Cranevil of Terror is a no go zone for me. Followed by zombies so Forest of Fear is another one that I wasn’t to sure on. What ever your fear, Primevil has it covered. As well as the attractions there is a whole heap of other things going on. There is live actors, street performers, live bands, a BBQ and a bar as well as fireworks on the extreme nights and a zombie holomaze.

The night that Jonny and I visited was Primevil was quiet compared to other nights that we had been in previous years. This meant that the scare actors that were walking around, spotted you and trust me they can me horrifying. The highlight of my night was Michael Myers not leaving me alone! I even managed to get a selfie with him which I will treasure forever. No, seriously he scares me so much! The attractions this year are the best they have ever been and that is a big thing to say as Primevil has always been an incredible experience.

In my opinion, on the website it says that children under 16 need to be accompanied by an adult but I would say it isn’t suitable for children. It gives me nightmares so I can’t imagine a child visiting. It is an amazing night out and if you are looking at going then I say do it! There is nothing else like it in Norfolk.

To find out more visit the Primevil website.



(Disclaimer – We were kindly invited to the Primevil press night)

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