Tonka Mighty Movers Review

A couple of weeks ago, Rory and I were sent a Tonka Mighty Mover to test out and to let you guys know what we think.

Rory received the cement mixer and as soon as he got it out of the parcel bag, he decided it needed to come out of its box as well. Barely any time for me to take a photo or to have a look myself.

Tonka Mighty Movers feature Motion Drive Technology which makes for more fun playing. You can push the vehicle forward to hear revving up sounds and to active the lights or pull backwards to hear back up sounds. The  Motion Drive Technology makes for a more realistic play experience. As well as the cement mixer there is 3 other vehicles to choose from; Dump Truck, Front Loader and Bull Dozer. All of which have the Motion Drive Technology.  With it being a Tonka toy, you know that they are good quality and that kids will love them. Tonka has been around for generations and loved for many years. Tonka toys are tough and are built to last and with stand the play of a small child. Children can be rough with toys so they need to be tough enough to be put through their paces. We know first hand with Rory, that anything car shaped will most probably be hit against something as if he was playing dodgems so being a tough toy is a must. Mighty Movers are perfect for children aged 3 years + as they are quite big.


Rory wanted to play with the cement mixer as soon as he set eyes on it. He loved the lights and the sounds and as the Mighty Mover is big and bulky, it is easy for him to move around and play with. Also they come with battery’s included which is a brilliant as a parent as you don’t have to go searching for battery’s. The range was just awarded Gold in the 2018 Practical Pre-school Awards.

Tonka Mighty Movers are available from Amazon for £19.99



*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post but all opinions are my own*

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