Made in Norfolk – Country Soy Candles Review

We need to remember to shop local. When ever we need something nowadays, our first thought is to look on online.

In reality there are little gems that are located just a short time from your door stop, we just need to discover them.

I discovered Country Soy Candles on Instagram, they are made just a few miles from my home and are handmade with ingredients that are even grown in makers garden. You can’t get anymore handmade than that! The candles are hand pored and are vegan and eco-friendly. There are 3 pot and glass collections, so you can pick your scent then pick your pot or glass. The collections are named after villages around where the candles are made; Saithe, Burnham and Creake. Each pot is unique and are also made locally. The Saithe collection is in a traditional glass pot, the Burnham collection is handmade by a company called McPots18 and the Creake collection pots are made by Country Soy Candles owner’s Dad in Warham. All of which are made with love and care.

I have Blackberry Bay in the Saithe, Pumpkin Spiced Latte in Creake and Christmas Pinewood in Burnham. This is just a small collection of the lovely scents that Country Soy Candles create. There is such a wide range of scents to choose from. Lime Basil Mandarin, Sea Salt Sage and Tobacco Vanilla just to name a few more that caught my eye. Each scent is unique and strong, I love a candle that you can smell without always having to light it.

I am not partially picky when it comes to candle scents. I light more in the colder months and as soon as it becomes slightly Autumnal that is when the Pumpkin and wintery candles come out. I do still enjoy fruity candles , the Blackberry Bay candle is amazing but lighting a candle in winter just makes your home feel so much more cosy. Candles are the one home accessory that I can’t get enough of. There is nothing better than to light a candle on a Sunday evening and sit down to a good wholesome roast. I am a lover of Yankee Candles but they are highy reproduced and are pricey considering that they are recreated over and over again in a factory. Since testing out Country Soy Candles, I haven’t even thought about lighting a Yankee Candle. I am definitely going to be buying from a local business over a mass produce business from now on.

Country Soy Candles would be perfect for a gift or even to just treat yourself and you can buy them from their website.

The Country Soy Candles Instagram is great way to keep up to date with new scents and news too!



*Disclaimer – This is a collabortation post with Country Soy Candles*

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