I Visited Thursford Christmas Spectacular And Here Are My Thoughts!

I live around 10 miles from Thursford and shamelessly I have never visited before to see their Christmas Spectacular  or Santa’s Magical Journey.

I have heard so much about the amazing show that they put on every year but we never think to book it, Honestly I  didn’t think it would be something that I would enjoy.

After watching it this year though, I can now say that I am wrong.

Thursford very kindly gifted me tickets for the performance on the 8th November and I didn’t really know what to expect. I had heard brilliant reviews of previous shows but I had also heard that every year the show slightly changes. So I had no idea what to expect when I turned up. The first thing that shocked me was how popular it is. The show is watched by 1,600 people twice a day and people travel from hundreds of miles away to watch it. It becomes a tradition for some people and it is the one thing a year that finally means that Christmas is here. After watching the spectacular, I wanted to go home and put my tree up and tuck in to a mince pie and a mulled wine. It is hard to explain just how festive it really is. I have never seen anything like it before. The show was jam-packed with Christmas songs and performances.


The show is very much a variety show with a comedian, singers, dancers, a choir and so much more. I was able to take my Dad with me to experience the show and it reminded him of a Sunday Night at the Palladium kind of show. There was something for everyone. There was some things that maybe an older generation would only understand but with the singing and the dancing, the show would be enjoyed by a person of any age. They say that the show is a mixture of Las Vegas and the West End. It really is, you can go from glitz and glamour to a stripped back performance of a song such as Nessun Dorma. Nessum Dorma gave me goosebumps, a large choir, an orchestra and a quiet audience. It was just magical.

The show ran for around 3 hours which included a 25 minute interval. Just enough time to grab and drink and go to the toilet. We were lucky enough to be invited backstage to meet some of the cast and they were explaining different aspects of the show. From what parts they played to staying in Norfolk for the first time. They were lovely to meet and it added to the overall experience. The whole show was just a magical experience, there isn’t much that compares to it and I guess that’s why so many people travel to visit. There are so many people who I know who would love this show and I will be convincing them to visit next Christmas!


As well as the Spectacular, Thursford has some great shops too. There is a toy shop, a Christmas shop and a sweet shop and that’s just the ones that I went in. There is so much to see and do. If you are wanting to see the steam museum, then you can view these by visiting Santa’s Magical Journey without seeing the big man himself.

For more information visit the Thursford website

Thank you so much to Thursford for making our day an unforgettable experience!


*Disclaimer – We were very kindly gifted tickets to Thursford Christmas Spectacular  *

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