Top Tips When Going From 1 to 2 Children!

If you are due your second baby then this post might just save your sanity!

When I found out I was having Cleo, I didn’t know what having 2 children would be like. It is like going in blind, you don’t know what to expect and you don’t know how things are going to be when you take your baby home for the first time.  I’ve had my struggles as a Mum of 2 and every parent is allowed to have times where the sanity is questioned. The one thing that helped me was to hear from other parents of 2 or more children. So I decided to help other parents with a top tip list and I thought there was no better community to ask for their input than UK parent bloggers.

My top tip is to organise, organise and organise more. It helps with everyday life so much!

Try to keep the same routine for the elder child and try not to start any new things like potty training or changing nursery/school. – Cosmo Mum

Help them feel involved – my eldest chose nursery items for our newborn, cuddly toys and inputted into his name, even though he was less than 2 at the time. A book about being a big brother was also really good. – My Boys Club

Pack the nappy bag the night before you plan to go anywhere so it’s not a mad dash leaving the house (and don’t try to do too much, its ok to stay in the house and play!!) – Ettie and Me

Try and make some one on one time with the eldest, even if it’s just baking together while baby sleeps, or a weekend coffee date while dad has the younger one. You’ll both appreciate the time together! – Illustrated Teacup

Get a sling for baby to sleep in so you can play with the older child and not always say ‘I’m getting the baby to sleep’. Bedtime by myself was the thing I worried about, but I put baby in a wrap and did older child’s bedtime bath and story etc with him with no interruptions.  – Hitchen’s Kitchen

The eldest will want a million things when you sit down with baby.
Try to make sure they have that drink/snack ready for when they ask, as they won’t wait. – My Family of Roses

Make sure you have a carrier/sling. It means you can still do so much with the first whilst the baby is in the carrier and your hands are free. My second has barely been in the buggy as it’s just so much easier having her in the carrier. Also because of using the carrier so much I’ve also found a rucksack nappy bag is so much better and easier. – Not a Perfect Parent

Honestly I’m struggling. I went in with a realistic view that it would be difficult and everything would become that much hardener to do but I told myself it would get easier as my second got older and it’s getting worse. Now he can move he just follows me around crying and I feel like I fob my daughter off constantly in order to see to her brother. It’s so much God damn harder than I ever thought it could possibly be. – Mom of Two

Definitely get a baby sling so that you can still cook, read books, wipe bottoms etc…and for when you’re out and about I really recommend the buggy boards with the seats on for when your e pushing baby in the pram and your other child doesn’t want to walk. That, or a double buggy! – Arthurwears

Be as organised as you can even with the sleep deprivation. If that means just setting up breakfast bits the night before, filling the water jug, getting the school books ready, laying out the morning nappies etc every little bit will help especially if you have a school run to do. But most of all don’t put too much pressure on yourself. It’s an additional person to care for and get ready and if you’re a little bit late to begin with, never mind. You can’t be super woman, you will be more tired and you’ll be busier so just take each day as it comes. – Emma Reed

To keep your oldest entertained while you’re feeding the baby make a “busy box” with a selection of toys/activities they can do alone (ideally new so they are exciting) which you only get out when you’re feeding the baby. – Me, Them and the Others

Lower your standards. Lower than that. Lower still. There you go, you’re ready for two. – Whinge Whinge Wine

Meal planning! I currently have a 2 week old and a two-year old. I have no time to think about cooking and/or time to actually cook! I have been planning out all meals for the week and utilising the slow cooker a lot! It has saved my sanity and meant my toddler isn’t just eating fish fingers every day because I haven’t thought about dinner until it’s too late! And I second the sling- it’s a life saver 🙌🏻 And I’d like to try to find some 1:1 toddler time as she is clearly finding ‘sharing’ mum and dad quite tricky…but I’m yet to work this one out!! – Two Cherries Blog

My eldest is a really caring and thoughtful girl and looking after her little sister came naturally to her. We believe in teamwork in the family and help each other out. I’ve seen youngest now helping her big sister. – The Queen of Collage

One thing I found really handy was a ‘stroller handle’ for the pushchair. My three year old held on to this when I was pushing the pram. If I didn’t take the pram then I used a Ergobaby carrier which gave me my hands free to hold my three year olds hand. Both of these were live savers when out and about with a baby and toddler. – Travel Vixta



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