New Year’s Resolutions That Will Benefit You And Your Family

2018 is finally drawing to a close, and a brand new year is waiting for us on the horizon.

A new year brings a fresh start, a chance to renew any resolutions that we quickly gave up on last year, and the opportunity to plan anew, with promises to ourselves to do better, be better and live better.

But here’s the thing.  You know, and we know that it’s tough to keep our resolutions, especially if they are individual promises we have made to ourselves. So, for next year, create resolutions that will benefit not just you, but your family as well. Not only will you improve all of your lives as a result, but you will have a better chance of keeping your chosen resolutions if you agree on them together. It’s about working together and holding each other accountable.

So, while we can’t list every resolution you might make – some of them will be personal to you and your family – we do have some ideas that might be worth adding to your list as you begin the new year. Take a look below, and consider how they might work for your family.

Family Resolutions For 2019

  • Commit to a healthy eating change. You don’t have to rework your entire menu, but consider the bad food habits you and your family have fallen into, and think of ways to improve your diet. You might commit to learning one new recipe a month. Your children may be able to try one new food a week. And you might make the resolution to spend more time in the kitchen with your family, preparing a meal together. As with every resolution on this list, ensure the plans you make are achievable, as you will give yourself and your family more incentive to keep going when you have a hope of accomplishing them.
  • Eat dinner together. And not just dinner, but your breakfast, lunch, and supper as well. Make it a rule that you sit down for a meal together at least once a week, giving you all the opportunity to share each other’s company. And as you do, set further rules, such as not having the television on, or a no-phones rule at the dining table. Sure, your kids might kick up a fuss, but once they get into the habit, they might see the advantages. Eating together creates bonding moments. It’s a time when you can all be together without any distractions. And it’s the opportunity to talk, share stories, and to get to know each other better.
  • Exercise more. Of course, ‘exercise more’ is a purely abstract concept without any concrete ideas, so think about how you can all exercise more as a family. Could you set aside a weekend a month to go on a family walk? Can you make a plan to play games together in the garden? Could this be the year that you start those family bike rides you may have been considering? Whatever the case, think about those activities that you will all enjoy, as you will have a better chance of keeping this resolution (and keeping fit) if you do.


  • Commit to a home renovation. You have probably had loads of ideas in the past year with regards to a home renovation, but considering the expense, work, and stress that is involved, you may have also procrastinated a little. We get it, we really do! However, you could always commit to one renovation and save your money for that one purpose. And if it’s something that will benefit the family, you may have more incentive to crack on with it. You might convert your basement into a games room, for example. Or you might create an outdoor play area for the kids with the help of Sunshine patios. You could do any number of things, but set yourself a realistic target according to your needs and budget, and focus on one thing at a time instead of going renovation crazy. You will only exhaust yourself and give up otherwise.



  • Make some new friends. As a busy mommy, it would be nice for you to have more friends in your life; those people with which you can hold adult conversations. And if your kids are in need of more friends in their life, above and beyond the time they spend with you, then you can improve their social circle too. So, perhaps it’s time to have your childminder on hand so you can get out a little more. Use these ideas to help your children meet new people. And then think of things you can all do together, such as joining a leisure centre or a parenting group, so you all have the opportunity to make friends through your shared activities.


  • Do something new together. Resolutions are sometimes about finding new experiences, those bucket list ideas that will take you out of your comfort zone or into pursuing new passions. Think about what you might do as a family and then put your plan into action. You might go camping for the first time, for example, or you might all take up a new hobby that you can do together. Doing something new will give you all a sense of adventure, and in the process, you will bond and create shared memories that may last a lifetime.
  • Promise to forgive each other. We all mess up. Your kids will do something that will grate on your nerves, and you might lose your temper. They will make mistakes, you will make mistakes, and unfair words will be spoken in the height of emotion. None of you are perfect, and you don’t need us to share that fact with you. However, find a way to forgive each other quickly. Perhaps with a forgiveness quote on the wall, or a system where you can all sit down together (remember those shared mealtimes as a solution), think of a way where any grievances can be solved as soon as possible. Talk about how you might all achieve this together at the start of the year,  and then remind each other of the promises you have each made to forgive one another when those troublesome tensions arise.

We hope our ideas were useful, but let us know if there are any resolutions that you think should be added to this list. But for now, we have only one more thing to say to you.

May you and your family have a wonderful 2019 together!


*This is a collaborative post*

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