Mr Tumble Something Special Learning Pad Review

Whether you love Mr Tumble or not, you have to agree that he has done amazing things for children with disabilities.

Since starting Something Special he has been raising awareness of inclusion. He uses Makaton to help communicate which many people use if they have hearing difficulties. Mr Tumble brings hope to families and teaches children that everyone should be included.

To go along with the TV programme, there is also a range of toys. Most of which include Makaton too. Rory has been reviewing the Mr Tumble Learning Pad. It is a rectangular shaped pad with all different activities such as colours, numbers, shapes, letters, characters and there is even Makaton signs. It is completely interactive and it perfect for children 2 years+. The pad has touch sensitive buttons so you don’t have to worry about having a glass screen around young children.  The buttons are colourful and soft to the touch,  your child just has to touch them to hear different activities.


The on/off button is raised and big and the pad itself is soft and rounded so ideal for little hands. Rory loves every feature that the learning pad has to offer. It is perfect for him as he does throw, the pad is soft but durable at the same time so it is able to withstand how Rory plays. The Mr Tumble on the pad also lights up which he loves, he is able to push the buttons and hear his favourite TV character. He can’t quite understand colours and shapes just yet but the learning pad will be there to help him once he can. It will last him years and he is loving playing with it at the moment. The added Makaton signs are a brilliant feature, it is such a big part of our life so to see it readily available for children is fantastic!

The Mr Tumble Learning Pad is prices at around £17.99 and is available from most good toy shops. It would be an ideal present for pretty much any child, whether they have disabilities or not.





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