What kind of blogger am I?

What kind of blogger am I?

It is a question that I ask myself sometimes and it is a question that I get asked by people wanting to know a bit more about my blog.

It is something that I find hard to answer. When I first made my blog, I would read online that you need to pick a niche but my blog has always been a mixture. It’s not just Down Syndrome advocacy or just parenting. It’s a bit of everything. It is my life. So is it a lifestyle blog? I don’t know what category to put my blog in.

My blog is my honest diary of my life so it’s hard to define that to one niche. One minute I will be writing about Rory and being a Down Syndrome advocate sibling then the next minute I’m writing about my experience as a mummy. I have so much to talk about so why would I stop at one niche? The readers of my blog are all different too, some will be there for DS awareness, some will be there for me being a mummy and some will be there just for the product reviews. It is all a bit random but I love it that way.

It’s just my life and my blog and I’ve learnt that I don’t need to have a niche to have a blog. I understand that not all my followers will like all my blog posts but I will carry on creating content. I understand how bloggers have niches and how brands like to know your niche as it says a lot about your demographic. It is 2 years since I started my blog and I sometimes still don’t feel like I fit in with a certain blogging community. It will slot in to place eventually but for now I am happy in my own blogging bubble.


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