Xtrem Bots Smart Bot Review

Who doesn’t love a robot toy?!

It has been a firm favourite with children for years even before they were technical and ran or batteries or were rechargeable. Nowadays though they come with all sorts of futuristic features. Robots just like the Xtrem Bots Smart Bot.


Elsa has been testing out this little blue and white robot for the last weeks and I didn’t think she would be that interested but she actually loves playing with him. He is jam-packed with amazing features, some we haven’t played with yet. There are 50 programmable actions, facial expressions,2 different ways for him to walk, gesture control where you use your hands to control him, robot dances and so much more. He is rechargeable via a USB but the controller takes AA batteries. It is handy that you don’t have to worry about to lots of batteries for one toy. He comes with a USB cable as well so you don’t need to go searching for one.

He is called a Smart Bot and it is so true. There is so much to do with him and for all ages too. Elsa is 3 years old and could play with most of his features but Cleo also learnt where forward and turn was so she could also play. Any child would love an Extrem Smart Bot. Even Rosie was playing with him and she is 8 years old. It was loads of fun and they will love to play with him for ages to come yet.


The robot is very well made and around 10 inches tall so a great size for younger users. As for his price, he is £23.99 on amazon. I think this is an incredible price for what he does and how much fun he creates. He takes around 2 hours to charge for around 3 years of play.

Elsa’s favourite features are when he does his robot dance and when he speaks in robot. To her, he is an amazing toy and she has enjoyed playing with him so much!



*Disclaimer – We were kindly sent the Extrem Bot Smart Bot in exchange for a review*


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