Eucerin Aquaphor family challenge

We were asked to test out Eucerin Aquaphor a couple of weeks ago and see what we thought as a family.

So what is Aquaphor? It is a soothing skin balm that gives dry, cracked and irritated skin the care that it needs. It has only 7 ingredients and can be used on sensitive baby skin as well as very irritated skin. It allows the skin to breathe in a way that still allows oxygen and water to and from the skin. It is a breathable protective barrier. In the US Aquaphor has been used for over 90 years and has been loved by many generations.

Due to it being so diverse, it can be used by the whole family. That is why we enjoy it. It is a one stop shop product. As a family, it is easy to have a lot of different creams and just stuff in general so to find one product that just works for all of us is perfect. There isn’t any need to have so much waste when we can have Aquaphor.


None of us really suffer from very dry skin and the kids haven’t suffered a great deal with things like eczema. But as it is multi use, we found other uses for it. I thought I would list 10 ways you could also use Aquaphor with your family:

  1. Nappy rash – It is gentle on baby skin and is a barrier balm so would be perfect for when your little one has nappy rash.
  2. Lip balm – As it is fragrance free, it is perfect for prepping your lips before lipstick or just for a natural look.
  3. Hands and Cuticles – Great for after painting your nails or if your hands just need a little tlc
  4. Dry skin – This is one for the winter months. The cold weather can make you more prone to dry skin so having this on hand is going to be a life saver.
  5. Make up base – Not one you thought you would see but when I thought I would do some research for this post. This is what I found. Aquaphor make a great glowing make up base and is also great for the skin when your make up is on all day.
  6. Baby skin – Some babies have dry skin. Elsa and Cleo haven’t really had this but some babies after they are born can develop really dry skin and since this is kind to skin it is ideal.
  7. Heals and Feet – The same as hands and cuticles. Aquaphor is brilliant for if you have been on your feet all day.
  8. Eyebrows – Yes, as well as a base. It can be used to tame your eyebrows if you are looking for a natural look then use on its own or if you do use product, then this will be your last step to tame those brows.
  9. Irritated Winter Nose – You know when it is really cold and your nose get so sore from a cold. Well Aquaphor is brilliant for helping it heal and to help that cracked and irritated skin at bay.
  10. Tattoos – As someone who currently has 5 tattoos, I have used by far share of balms and creams for tattoo aftercare. Aquaphor would be the perfect barrier balm for that.

How would you use Eucerin Aquaphor as a family?

This post is an entry for the BritMums #MyAquaphor Challenge, sponsored by Eucerin. Discover the benefits of Eucerin



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