I won Norfolk Blogger at The Parent and Baby Show Awards 2018!

I can’t believe that I am actually writing this.

On the 3rd December, The Parent and Baby Show hosted its first Norfolk Pregnancy, Baby and Child Awards at Voewood near Holt. A few months ago I was asking you guys to vote for me and so many of you did that I was shortlisted. 2 other Norfolk bloggers were shortlisted and after seeing who I was up against, I honestly thought I wouldn’t have a chance.

On the night, Voewood looked absolutely amazing! I had seen photos on social media but they don’t do it justice. The building inside and out is beautiful! It was the perfect venue for the awards. The Parent and Baby show did such a brilliant job of making the awards extra special. There was so many Norfolk business there and it was really good to finally talk to people face to face that I had spoken to on social media.

When it came to the awards, I wasn’t expecting to win. I didn’t think my name would be called out. But when it was I just felt like crying. I can’t believe that my little old blog won. It seems to surreal to me. Jonny did video it for me but all you can hear is him shouting ‘get in!’ which makes me laugh so much. He has supported me so much  over the last 2 years. Thank you to everyone who voted for me and everyone that has support me. The hard work is finally paying off!


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