Fun in the cold weather with Simply Hike

Wrapping up your children warm when it is cold is an essential.  Having a really good winter coat or snowsuit depending on the age of child will mean that your children can still have fun outside and you as a parent doesn’t have to worry about your child being freezing when the temperature drops.

Simply Hike asked us to pick out a few things for Elsa and Cleo to review. Cleo needed a new snowsuit of this winter. Last winter she wasn’t walking so it was a must that she had something that would mean she could still play outside with Elsa in any weather. I choose the Girls Dare2B Break The Ice snowsuit in a zebra print. When it arrived, I fell in love with the pattern. The zebra print and the bright purple zip stands out so much and would look amazing when there is snow on the ground. The snowsuit also has ears on the hood and a tail on the bum. It looks brilliant and does a great job when it is cold. The material that the snowsuit is made from is waterproof and insulating with elasticated cuffs on wrists and ankles. Cleo is wearing the 18-24 month size at 18 months old and I have to turn up the cuffs as it is slightly too long so there is plenty of room for her to grow in to it.


I wanted Elsa to have a good quality coat that would last her for the whole winter. I picked the Helly Hansen Kids Shelter Jacket in the purple. As Helly Hansen is a brand that I have come across before, I knew it was a name I could trust to keep Elsa toasty this winter. I got Elsa’s coat in age 6 as I would normally get it in 4-5 years but with it being a shelter coat and not having a soft inside, I thought she could also wear it with her fleece jacket for the really cold weather or when we go and watch Jonny play football. The Helly Hansen Jacket is waterproof, windproof and breathable meaning that it can be worn in a variety of weather conditions. It has reflective HH logos and stripes on the front, back and hood of the jacket so will be perfect for when we walk back from school. The jacket is lightweight and can be worn casually or if you were to take your child skiing. Elsa loves the colour of this coat and has wanted to wear this jacket everyday since it arrived.


Simply Hike have a huge variety of ski and casual clothing and accessories for adults and children with a huge range of brands such as Helly Hansen and Jack Wolfskin. We can’t wait to make the most of the girls new winter wear!


*Disclaimer – We were kindly sent a voucher for Simply Hike in exchange for this post*

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