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Sleep is so important to our little ones ( and not so little ones). But as well as being important, it can also be stressful and challenging. That is where I think a good pair of Pyjamas come in handy.
Character Pjs or just a pair that your child has picked out can make bedtime a bit more fun. Elsa loves her Pjs, she has so many pairs but when got in touch and asked if we would like to test out a few pairs. We jumped at the chance.

They very kindly sent a pair each for Rory, Elsa, Cleo and Rosie. This gave us a chance to try out all the different styles that they sell. Picking 4 pairs took a while as there is so many character pjs to chose from. From Disney to gaming to popular children’s TV shows. They have something for every child. Elsa chose The Little Mermaid, the same as Cleo. We are off to Disneyland in March so these are going to be brilliant for that. Rosie chose LOL Dolls because what child isn’t obsessed with them at the moment and Rory chose Mr Tumble. is the only place that I have seen that sells Mr Tumble Pjs!

When it comes to sizing. Rosie is nearly 9 and I got her 10-11 and it fits her really well with room to be extra comfy. Rory got 3-4 years which fits him well too. Elsa got 4-5 due to her being tall, I thought it was best to buy her a bigger size and Cleo got 18-24 months which is also perfect for her. The sizing is true to size so if you want them to be slightly bigger then size up. As well as sizing being really good, quality is too. Prices are lower than other shops that you would find character pjs and the quality is as good if not better.


LOL Doll: £11.99

Mr Tumble: £10.99

Light blue The Little Mermaid: £7.99

Black The Little Mermaid: £8.99

Elsa, Cleo, Rosie and Rory have been loving their pjs over the last week of testing them out and I can already tell that they are going to get a lot of wear!

For more info or to order visit:


*Disclaimer – We were kindly sent pjs in exchange for a review*

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