Baby Annabell My Special Day Doll Review

When it comes to baby dolls, they seem to be getting better and better every year with more and more realistic features. Children seem to want dolls that are like a real baby and toy manufacturers are definitely giving them it. Baby Annabell is a classic baby doll brand. They have been a must have for boys and girls for years now.

The Baby Annabell My Special Day doll is the new limited edition doll that celebrates the brands 20th anniversary. The doll is extra special, she comes with a new party dress and accessories as well as everything your child needs to have a birthday party with their new doll such as cupcakes and cupcake accessories. There is 17 party accessories all together and she also comes with a dummy and feeding bottle.

When it comes to the dolls features, there are a lot. From being burped, mouth movement when using dummy or bottle to real tears when crying. There are so many realistic things that this doll can do. The feeding bottle can hold water and the doll drinks with mouth movements. The water then is used for crying or going to the potty. The doll can also close her eyes and go to sleep with snoring sounds. There are around 8 lifelike features, some of which we are still yet to play with but the ones we have so far have been amazing. Baby Annabell is one of the most interactive dolls that we have seen or the girls have played with.

Now to what Elsa and Cleo thought. Elsa is at the age where she is wanting to play with dolls and prams. So when she first saw the Baby Annabell doll she couldn’t wait to get it out of the box. Cleo was more excited than I thought she would be and she has actually played with it more than Elsa. Elsa is more interested in the features that the doll has while Cleo likes feeding her and pushing her in the toy pram. The doll is recommended for 3 years + which due to the small parts for the cupcakes but Cleo has enjoyed playing with it too and she is only a year old.

The doll definitely been a big hit with Elsa and Cleo and the lifelike features have meant that they have played with it for hours and won’t get bored with it easily. It is one of those toys where you buy it and it lasts years and years and then gets passed from one child to another. Elsa and Cleo have both loved playing with it over the last few weeks to test it out and I can tell it is going to be a favourite toy for a while.

The Baby Annabell My Special Day Doll is 43cm tall and is priced at £64.99. You can get it at a number of online retailers and would be a perfect gift for any child.


*Disclaimer – We were kindly gifted the Baby Annabell My Special Day Doll in exchange for an honest review*

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