Taking some time out.

I’ve been slightly absent from the blog and social media for nearly 2 weeks now. After a brilliant 2018 and a particularly busy December, I decided that I wanted to take some time off for Christmas.
I am so grateful for the opportunities I have had this year, it really has the been the year that my blog has grown massively. I will be writing a round-up 2018 post in the next week as so much has happened.

At the start of the year, it was all going slow but it was steady so as one campaign finished, I had time then another started. Then from about March time due to World Down Syndrome Day and the media attention from that, it just kind of went a bit crazy for me. There was no breaks between work while home life continued as normal. Jonny worked 45+ hours a week and I had 2 young children and a home to care off. As much as I loved blogging, after over 7 months of constant work, events and other things in media. I just decided to take Christmas off. I did attempt to do blogmas too but that lasted a short time as after winning at The Norfolk Pregnancy, Child and Baby awards, I was here, there and everywhere with media and work commitments.

Don’t think that I am ungrateful for how much my blog has grown and what I have achieved due to this but everyone is entitled to a break and for me, I didn’t switch for over 7 months. If we went away then I would take my laptop and I would still work. Being on social media 24/7 in the fear that it would potentially lose followers if I didn’t post everyday on Instagram and post constantly on twitter. It just got too much for me.

This year has been incredible and 2019 already has some amazing opportunities and experiences lined up. We had a magical Christmas and I hope everyone else did too! Being on the blog and socials again, starts now!




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