Last year was a big year for achievements – Looking back on 2018

Everyone looks back on last year after the New Year celebrations. For me, 2018 was a huge year. This blog started in 2016 but it wasn’t until the end of 2017 that things started to take off. 2018 was the year that I feel that I had the most blog achievements. 2017 obviously had being the print winner for the Mencap Awards but in 2018 I hit so many huge goals.

In January, things began to happen. The Down Syndrome advocacy started to get noticed. I organised the local DS events and started speaking to local papers.

In February, I got 2 new DS tattoos and they were shared worldwide and I still see them shared on Facebook. My arm tattoo has been seem by tens of thousands of strangers online.

March was the month that we were in Take a Break magazine, it was when I spoke to a huge number of newspapers and even spoke on the radio as well as organised speaking in a local school and lit up the Town Hall for World Down Syndrome Day.

In April, we mostly relaxed as much as we could. March was a mega busy one of us. I worked with some amazing brands and was part of some incredible campaigns.

May was one month that we went on an amazing family holiday. We were invited to a VIP event at Peppa Pig World then went exploring in North Wales. It was definitely the month of adventure.

June was the month for speaking openly about mental health. It was the time that I decided it was time to talk about my mental health. It was important time in my blogging journey.

In July, We were invited to a VIP at Roarr Dinosaur Adventure in Lenwade. I worked on an important Group B Step campaign with Strepelle. Rory was very poorly and was in hospital for a while too so it was a month of worry. It was also the month that I found out that I had been nominated for Norfolk Blogger in The Norfolk Pregnancy, child and Baby show! We explored Chessington too!

August was the month of learning the truth about parenting web forums. It was the time that I found out that you aren’t going to be liked by everyone but that doesn’t matter and you do you. I worked with some big household names and attended some amazing events.

September started off big. I attended Sundown Festival. A weekend of great music. It was a brilliant way to start the month. That was also the month of the Tribe Norfolk festival and our family holiday to Butlins.

October was the month of a big family wedding and learning to be comfortable in front of the camera. It was a time of a lot of self acceptance.

November was event after event after event. It was busy month but what an experience. Restaurant openings, Thursford Spectacular VIP event and toy launches. It was one massive month. I got the message from BBC Radio Norfolk to go in for an interview this month too!

Now December, the biggest month of them all. The month of winning Norfolk Blogger at The Norfolk Parent, Child and Baby Awards. Speaking to BBC Radio Norfolk and BBC News and also planning more with the BBC. Working on the Baby Shark and Greatest Showman campaigns were a dream for me. December is the month that is going to make my 2019 even more amazing. There is so much in the pipeline.

HERE’S TO 2019!







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