Our family day out at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

As we live on the North Norfolk coast, Zoos are few and fair between. There are a few in Norfolk but we have visited them, on more than one occasion. But there isn’t any zoos that have much bigger animals such as elephants. When looking at another zoo to visit, we came across ZSL Whipsnade. Whipsnade for us is around a 2 and a half hour drive. But considering the animals and the time we would spend at the zoo, we thought it was worth the drive.


The zoo is pretty is to find and is in a beautiful location. It is situated on the top of a hill so the views are stunning. Whipsnade zoo is spread over a very large area. When it comes to deciding whether or not to pay to drive in the zoo, I would say it is a must. There is a free car park opposite the zoo but that would mean you would have to walk the entire park, the park is huge. If you do choose to drive round the zoo, it costs £12 and   there are car parks dotted about so you can drive, park then walk to see that part of the zoo. Whipsnade is divided in to 4 sections; Base Camp, Asia, Europe and Africa. You park up in each section and explore.

In each of the sections are a different selection of animals. Europe is the first area that you come to when you enter the park by car. In this area you can find; Brown Bear (We didn’t see them as it was so cold), Lynx, Chimps and penguins. The penguins had the most incredible view from the tops of hill!


In the Africa section you will find animals such as; White Rhinos, Giraffes, Lions, Zebras, Hippos and Cheetahs. Every enclosure at Whipsnade is a very good size because of the size of the zoo, the animals have so much room to roam around.  The White Rhino enclosure was massive!



The Asia area you can find;  Elephants, Asian Rhinos, Amur Tigers and you can also drive on the passage of Asia if you do decide to take your car through the zoo. Elsa’s favourite part of the day was seeing the cute and tiny baby tiger cubs. If you visit, you need to see them!


The last section of the zoo is Base Camp. This is where you can find Sea Lions, Otters, Red Pandas and also the farm and the butterfly house. In Base Camp you can also find the Base Camp Restaurant, we did eat there and the service was quick and friendly and the food was very good.  There is also an indoor and outdoor play area for children and the zoos very own steam train which takes you round the park.


Whipsnade is an impressive zoo, the massive enclosures, the brilliant staff and food. All the animals are happy and their enclosures are very clean and tidy. The sheer size of the zoo makes it completely worth the entry fee and the extra to take your car.

To find out more and book your tickets visit the ZSL Whipsnade Zoo website


*Disclaimer – We were kindly given tickets to visit Whipsnade in exchange for a review*



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