Our thoughts on the new CBeebies show Tinpo

When your child finds a TV show that they love, it can make their imagination go wild. That moment when they love every aspect of what is on the screen and you as a parent, can see their brain start to create an imaginative and creative world based on that one show that they love. What is even more amazing is when the show inspires us to do incredible things too.

Back in December 2018, CBeebies released a new show called Tinpo. Written by the same people who wrote Thomas & Friends and Nelly & Nora, Tinpo is a show that creates conversations. It allows children to feel like anything is possible if they put their minds to it.

Every episode follows Tinpo and his team solve problems for the people of Tinpotown. It is fun problem solving for toddlers and young children. Team Tinpo are local heroes in their little community and want to help create a better and more fun world, which is a great message to give to pre-schoolers. The team is made up of 4 characters; Tinpo, Doug-Po, Logi-Po and Hack-Po. “What if we tired this?…” is one of the things that Team Tinpo asks to find a way to get the job done for the citizens of Tinpotown.  With funny trial and error, they work together with their tools to design solutions that aren’t the most practical but are always so incredibly creative. The team are always there to hop on to the Tinpo Train and be there for anyone that may need their help.


Elsa has been watching the new episodes that will be airing on CBeebies everyday at 6.55am and 3.55pm and they will also be available to watch on BBC Iplayer. Elsa was always going to the toughest critic when it came to watching Tinpo. She knows what she likes and will tell you if it isn’t something that she wants to watch. Elsa loves a show that gets her imagination going. She loves to be inspired and Tinpo does just that. It partners imagination with inspiration to create a show that encourages children like Elsa to help change the world for the better. Elsa loved the bright colours of all the characters and was fixed to my phone for the length of the episode which was only around 7 minutes. Perfect for the short attention span of a toddler that has a very active imagination.

Tinpo is a very clever and impressive children’s TV show which is also sending an amazing message to children, that anything is possible if they just try.

tinpo mpu


*Disclaimer – This is a sponsored post with @UkMums.TV*

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