Discovery Night Light Globe Review

*This is a sponsored post – We were kindly sent the globe night light*

Every child needs a night light. We have found with Elsa that she loves to have a little light in her bedroom and it does make bedtime easier.

When it comes to finding the perfect night light, there are so many designs to choose from and your child will probably want to have input in what one they have in their bedroom. Elsa has had a few over the past year or so and they all seem to run out of battery quickly or they have awkward length wires.

When Elsa was kindly sent the Discovery Night Light Globe, she was so excited to use it. She has a globe that she uses to learn about the earth but it is bigger and much more bulky. The Discovery globe works as both a globe toy for learning and as a night light too. It is perfect for Elsa, she has sat it beside her bed as it is battery-powered so is easy to move about or place anywhere in a room. Elsa has learnt where a few countries are on the globe, just by looking at it before she goes to sleep.

The light itself isn’t overly bright so just right for that little glow in your child’s bedroom. The globe is around 20cm in size and it is very easy to set up. You just place 4 AA batteries and press the one button the base of the globe which is the on and off button. Again perfect for children to use.

You can find the Discovery Night Light Globe on Amazon for £19.99


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